Best moisturizers for oily skin

If you are into skincare world, you know how important is it to moisturize your skin irrespective of your skin type. Oily skin is really tough to handle during summers due to its greasy nature. People often skip moisturizers as they found them too heavy for their oily skin. 2 years back I was in the same situation until I tried a bundle of moisturizers and finally found my best picks for oily skin. So here I am sharing my 5 best moisturizers I totally loved using on my oily acne prone skin during summers.

Re’equil Oil free Mattifying Moisturizer

Reequil Oil free Mattifying moisturizer

Reequil mattifying moisturizer is a simple yet effective moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and soft without making the skin feel greasy or oily. The fact that it doesn’t contain any acids, it can be used by teenage girls too without the fear of purging. It became my skin friend during my extreme acne days. Absorbs in the skin like a dream giving a mattifying effect. Goes really well with any kind of products layering & buffering. Makeup lovers, you gonna love it using as a primer too under your makeup. Price: Rs 440 for 50 gm. Use code: ‘AVNI’ for 15% off on reequil website.

Earth Rhythm phyto clear oil free moisturizer

Earth Rhythm Phyto Clear oil free Moisturizer

ER phyto clear oil free moisturizer has a lotion based texture which feels extremely hydrating & moisturizing on skin. The oil free moisturizer is free from actives & thus you can safely use it daily in your AM & PM routine. It can be buffered with other actives like AHA/BHA/Niacinamide/retinol/retinoids/VitC etc. Gives a dewy finish to oily skin but non-greasy at the same time. It seals in moisture the entire night in summers & humid weather. Check out the complete review here. Price: Rs 615 for 50 ml. Use code: AVNI for 10% off on earth rhythm website.

Simple daily skin detox ultra light liquid moisturizer

Simple ultra light liquid moisturizer

Simpl detox ultra light moisturizer is a liquid based texture which feels extremely hydrating on skin. Its non greasy feel and instant absorbing properties makes it an awesome moisturizer for oily skin. It contains anti bacterial ingredients like witch hazel, thyme, Zinc PCA to help detox the acne prone skin. Its highly rich in humectants which gives a soothing light feel on oily skin. A 50 ml bottle lasts for a good amount of time and thus its an awesome budget friendly moisturizer. Price: Rs 199 for 50 ml. You can purchase it from Nykaa.

Earth Rhythm phyto ceramide moisturizer

Earth Rhythm Phyto ceramide moisturizer

ER phyto ceramide moisturiser contains ceramides but doesn’t feel heavy on oily skin at the same time. Ceramides are really good for repairing skin cells & protect the skin barrier. If you have oily damaged skin, then you should definitely check out this phyto ceramide moisturizer. Its a lotion based oil free formula which absorbs into skin in no tme giving a mattifying look. People with acne prone skin can use it safely without the fear of fungal acne. Checkout the complete review here. Price: Rs 675 for 50 ml. Use code: AVNI for 10% off on Earth Rhythm.

Mamaearth oil free Face Moisturizer with Apple Cider vinegar

Mamaearth Oil free Face moisturizer

Mama Earth moisturizer is a very basic formula for oily skin which gives a mattifying feel. It contains good amount of emollients which locks in moisture into skin and makes it feel soft. The moisturizer is non greasy in nature & that’s why can be used in humid weather conditions. Though I didn’t face any acne while using it but it does contain some comedogenic ingredients which can clog the pores. So I won’t recommend this moisturizer if you already have active acne on skin. Price: Rs 299 for 80 gm. You can purchase it from nykaa.

Choosing moisturizers for oily skin is difficult as most of the moisturizers has the tendency of clogging pores. Oily skin is soft in nature so always focus on moisturizers rich in humectants and less in emollients/occlusives. Such moisturizers hydrates well while providing slight moisture to skin. I have tried and tested all the above moisturizers I hope this post can now help you out in choosing the right moisturizer for your skin.