Conscious chemist Face cleanser is non drying face wash
There are thousands of face washes available in market & choosing one compatible to your skin type is such a tedious task. Every individual has a unique taste when it comes to choosing their skincare products but who doesn’t want a product compatible to their skin type & which could work effectively on their skin to improve their skin conditions. Face Wash is the one such foremost important skincare product which almost each & every individual use in their daily routine. With new brands launching in India each year, it has become very tough to find an authentic Indian face wash which has the best cleansing properties.
So let’s just generalize some expectations that we all look for in our daily routine face wash.
Conscious chemist Face cleanser for acne prone skin
Conscious Chemist Face cleanser

What to expect from a Face Wash/Face Cleanser

  • Clean your face by removing dirt, bacteria & excess oil without striping natural oils from skin.
  • Should not extremely dry out your skin
  • Leave your skin with a balanced PH which means u shouldn’t be feeling itchy or irritated after using a face cleanser
  • Should not sting on your face
  • Not supposed to cause you breakouts 
  • It should not make your skin appear dull & rough on constant use (if cannot really brightened it).
  • Helps fighting your skin conditions like acne causing bacteria, clogged pores, dullness etc.

About Conscious Chemist Face cleanser

Conscious Chemist ritual face cleanser is packed with antioxidants & emollients like Matcha green tea, hemp seed oil, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C & other skin loving ingredients. Its products are vegan, cruetly free, Australian allergy certified & toxic free which makes it a clean & sustainable beauty brand. You can check the complete ingredient list of the face cleanser here.

Conscious Chemist Face cleanser Complete ingredients
Conscious chemist Face cleanser Ingredient List

What Conscious Chemist face cleanser claims?

Its an SLS free face wash which claims to cleanse the skin while maintaining the ph level of the skin. It also claims to have a non-drying & hydrating formula which cleanses the face well without harming the skin barrier. Given the benefits of its main ingredients – Match green tea & hemp seed oil has, it is suitable for acne prone skin types. You can check the benefits of all its main ingredients here.

Acne Skin friendly Ingredients in Face cleanser
Conscious Chemist Face cleanser ingredients benefits
Conscious chemist face cleanser texture is cloudy gel like
Conscious Chemist Face cleanser texture

My experience with Conscious chemist face cleanser?

  • The texture is creamy gel like & feel super gentle on face while application
  • Comes in glass bottle with easy to use pump packaging & dispenses only the required amount.
  • Doesn’t over foams but forms a good lather sufficient to clean all day impurities & dirt from the skin.
  • Works excellent as a standalone morning face wash & as a 2nd cleanser in night routine (if you are wearing makeup).
  • Capable of removing sunscreen too if used twice (2 pumps at a time).
  • The best part is it doesn’t over dry out the face even when you used it twice for proper cleansing. But the need of immediate moisturizing is definitely there in winters.
  • It helps in cleaning pores, thus minimizing the chances of having acne.
  • The skin doesn’t feel oily after using this face cleanser even in summers. Thus helps in removing excess sebum.
  • It works really well on active acne & congested skins as skin doesn’t feel irritated post application. Thus maintains ph level of skin.
  • It has mild citrus fragrance due to presence of grapefruit EO which is not overpowering.
  • It irritate eyes if goes inside due to active ingredients present in it. So you have to be careful while using it.
  • Its not travel friendly & might break if kept carelessly & dropped in bathroom.

Wrong expectations from conscious chemist face cleanser

I have seen people setting wrong expectations from a product by seeing the ingredient list which ultimately misguides the audience. Every product type in skincare has its own properties & you cannot change it by just adding some extra ingredients.

  • Just because the face wash contains vitamin C & niacinamide, don’t expect it to brighten your face & address acne scars.
  • Since it has green tea & hemp seed oil, don’t expect it to heal your active acne.
  • It has Hyaluronic acid which retains moisture into skin, but don’t expect this face cleanser to make your skin feel plumped & hydrated.

A face wash main purpose is to cleanse the skin properly while maintaining the ph level of skin. It should remove the excess sebum from skin without striping natural oils from skin. We can’t deny the fact that face wash stays for a very smaller period of time on the skin. Vitamin C, Niacinamide & other potent ingredients provide visible results when they are used in leave in products. These are good to have ingredients in a face wash but not the mandatory ones.


It costs for Rs 875 for 120 ml and available on nykaa, amazon & conscious chemist official website. It is always on discount on these websites, so please compare the prices before you buy from any of the website.

Will I recommend conscious chemist face cleanser?

Yes, I will highly recommend this face cleanser and very happy with the fact that an indian homegrown brand is making such good formulations. The consious chemist face cleanser is suitable for all skin types including sensitive acne prone skins. Though its pricey but it will lasts for a really long time like 3 months at least & that’s why its a worthy purchase. If you are not used to citrus fragrances, then you can avoid making this purchase.

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