What I liked:

🌿Its non-sticky texture which gets ansorbed easily (which my oily skin always look for)
🌿It has somewhat ayuvedic minty smell which is very soothing as if you are applying some “Aushedhi”
🌿For a small price, the quantity is quite good. Rs690 for 190ml
🌿Works as both serum+moisturizer for oily skin.(Dry skin people can also use it + daily moisturizer)

🍁Its ingredients: 
It only has ayuvedic products in it like Dandelion root, Khamir powder, Groundnut oil, Bididana seeds as its major ingredients. These are rich in anti-oxidants but I don’t think these will actually help in preventing wrinkles or pigmentation.

Also, I haven’t noticed any visible results till now except that it hydrates very well.

What I didn’t like about it:
☘The mouth of the bottle is plain open. Its consistency is thick due to which sometimes I take out more than needed amount of serum.
☘It creates itching on my cheeks post application which fades away with in 5 minutes though. ☘It does not deliver everything for what it promises (though it provides good hydration)
☘Since its consistency is thick, I actually doubt if it goes deep inside pores to repair themπŸ™
My final words: I would only recommend it to people who are looking for a pocket friendly natural serum+moisturizer for anti-ageing as a daily routine.

I am planning to use it now only around my neck area as its very pocket friendly and provides sufficient hydration😜😜
My Rating: 3.5/5