BubbleFarm – Hibiscus Vitamin C Face mist – Review

BubbleFarm – Hibiscus Vitamin C Face mist 

BubbleFarm Hibiscus Vit C face mist

I recently emptied the @bubblefarm hibiscus vitamin C face mist which lasted me almost a month.

It’s made of steam distilled hibiscus flowers(which are natural occuring AHA), orange easential oil and 1% Vit C derivate from corn & wheat starch.

My experience: 

♥️I used it in my morning routine & during the day whenever my skin felt oily. Its totally watery & immediately makes ur skin feel oil free. 
♥️It helps in balancing pH of the skin as I can feel all the itching on my skin gone post spraying it
♥️Travel friendly and does fights free radical damage. So good to have while travelling
♥️Very much hydrating & lift the skin up
♥️Doesn’t feel chip chip on skin even after multiple sprays

🍂It’s spray nozzle is ok types & doesn’t spread on entire skin. You need 3-4 sprays atleast.
🍂Gets finished quickly coz it doesn’t dampen but wets the skin
🍂Since % of vit c is very less, doesn’t help with acne scars or brightness
🍂I wish ingredient details would have been mentioned on the bottle itself
Priced at RS 310 for 100 ml bottle
My recommendation: 
If you are a skincare beginner, then this mist will definitely help u out in your daily skincare without causing any damage to your skin coz it has natural aha & very less % of vit c. But overall, Its just a hydrating mist for ur daily use. So kind of okayish product only
Happy misting😊😊😊

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