ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung Skincare kit review- Hits and Misses

Soon jung skincare kit

Etude House Soon Jung skin care is majorly focused upon keeping sensitive skin protected against external stimuli by relieving skin irritation & stress. What Soon Jung mini kit contains? The kit contains 4 products:Ph 5.5 Relief Toner – 15ml claims to calm heated & irritated skin without causing any irritation due to its balanced ph […]

Plum Green Tea range for oily acne prone skin – Review & Recommendations

About Plum Green tea range: It is specifically targeted for oily acne prone skin people as the ingredients present in it are the best suitable for this skin type. Common ingredients in plum green tea range: 1. Glycolic Acid: Its a best known AHA which works upon upper layer of skin by removing the dead […]

Greenie Mill – Tea tree & sage mist toner review for acne skin

Anti acne Series PART3 –> Tonning Tonning has been so important to balance the skin pH level and to calm & soothes the irritated & stressed skin.My preference for a good toner: I always prefer toners which are total watery & light weight cozz I have an oily skin & my skin needs tonning every […]