Earth Rhythm Hits and Miss

Earth Rhythm believes in Clean, Safe & Clinically Effective Skincare For All Well Beings. Its a certified brand by Ecocert to offer Certified Organic, Non-Toxic and Sustainable products devoid of any adulterated elements. Its entire product life cycle is altered to be zero-waste, non-toxic and plastic-free.

I have tried various products from earth rhythm and some worked really well for me while some failed to impress me. Not every product is made for every individual. So here, I am sharing my hits and miss of earth rhythm to help you guys make an informed choice while making a purchase from the brand.

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Earth Rhythm Tonique

Earth Rhythm has 2 variants in their tonique range which has consistency thicker than a watery toner but thinner than a serum. They work like an essence to calm your skin & prep it up for next step of serum. Here’s my experience with them:

Earth Rhythm Pore Away tonique

This essence kind tonique is an effective toner which carries the properties of hydration, soothing, moisture and balancing oil production on skin without making your skin look greasy. Rich in Niacinamide, Cermaides & Vitamin C, it works on repairing skin barrier without any risk of irritation. It’s a perfect toner to prep my skin for active based products. So, its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 850 for 100 g

Earth Rhythm Alpha Glow tonique

Its an AHA based mild exfoliating toner which contains natural fruit acids to unclog the outer surface of skin. The texture is same as that of pore away tonique but its purpose is to exfoliate instead of repair. Its good for people who can’t tolerate lactic acid, glycolic acid on their sensitive skin. It can be used daily in AM or PM without any irritation. I didn’t observe any visible difference in my skin while using it. So its a MISS for me. Price: Rs 750 for 100 g.

Earth Rhythm Moisturizers

Earth Rhythm moisturizers are one of a kind and has all the varieties suitable for different skin types. You just have to pick the one best suitable for your skin concerns.

Earth Rhythm Phyto Clear Oil free moisturizer

The moisturizer has a light lotion based texture which feels very watery on skin & absorbs quickly. Its rich in anti bacterial plant based extracts which makes it suitable for acne prone skin to prevent bacteria from building up on skin. It feels very hydrating & soothing on skin as well. The moisturizer is best suitable for combo oily skin type without any risk of pore clogging. I absolutely loved it & its my favorite. So a HIT for me. Price: Rs 669 for 50 g.

Earth Rhythm Phyto Ceramide Deep moisturizer

Its a highly rich moisturizer in ceramides which helps in protecting skin from its enemies. The texture is a thick lotion based which seals in moisture into skin perfectly well. The moisturizer is oil free & has less amount of humectants. So it feels less hydrating on skin & suitable for normal to oily skin types only. If you are suffering from damaged skin & incremental bumps on your skin, you should definitely use this moisturizer along with a hydrating serum. I really loved using it in summers & its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 739 for 50g.

Earth Rhythm Phyto Fuse Multi Vitamin Face moisturizer

Its a rich moisturizer which contains Niacinamide, plant based retinol which can be used by dry dehydrated skin to make it soft and live again. The moisturizer is safe to use with any actives as well because it only contains plant based retinol which is non irritating to skin. Its an apt moisturizer for all skin types in winters and dry skin types in summers. Not suitable for acne prone skin due to its heaviness. I really loved using it in winters & its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 729 for 50 g.

Earth Rhythm Renew Overnight Gel

The gel contains 70% snail mucin as an active ingredient to protect the dull & irritated skin. It doesn’t have a sticky texture (like normal snail mucin products) but a simple gel texture which feels super light on skin. It’s good to prep up your skin for actives (means renew gel–> active–>moisturize). But being an overnight gel it didn’t provide any reduction in my skin redness, healing irritated areas of my skin (bcoz I use tretinoin) and absolutely no moisture to make skin feel soft. So, its a MISS for me. Price: Rs 899 for 50g.

Earth Rhythm face cleansers

I have used 2 face cleansers from earth rhythm and both do their jobs well for skins with sensitive skin concerns. If you like your cleansers to foam, then you can skip both of these cleansers.

Earth Rhythm Water Gel Cleanser

Its a transparent gel based non foaming cleanser which contains coconut derived mild surfactant. The skin actually feels hydrated & nourished while using this cleanser. I have never used such type of cleanser earlier & that’s why I have become a fan of it. It’s literally a perfect cleanser for AM routine for all skin types. It can be used as a 2nd cleanser at night post cleansing with an emulsifying oil based cleanser. I loved using it in my morning routine & its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 659 for 100 g.

Earth Rhythm AHA/BHA Cleanser

Its also a gel based non foaming exfoliating cleanser which is rich in AHA’s like lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid & malic acid. It also contains mild % of salicylic acid too. It contains mild surfactant for gentle cleansing along with skin exfoliation. Since its non foaming in nature, it can be used by sensitive & acne prone skins for exfoliation without dryness. I find it best suitable for dry to normal skin people & its a HIT for me during winters. Price: Rs 699 for 100 g.

Earth Rhythm Cleansing balms

The best thing about Earth Rhythm cleansing balms is they emulsify to milky texture so well that you neither need any warm water nor a cotton pad. You can simply wash them off with plain water. I have tried 3 variants i.e. Propolis, green tea & Fruit Acids and all of them worked really well for my skin. They does irritate eyes if goes inside, so you have to be careful while removing eye makeup. They are a HIT for me.

Propolis cleansing balm is my favorite because it is the gentlest & suits sensitive skins as well. Normally you should stay away from fatty acids while having acne but when I used it occasionally(on my sunscreen/makeup days), propolis balm didn’t cause any issue. Price: Rs 585 for 60g

The AHA glow fruit acids based cleansing balm worked well during my non acne days. Its a little strong due to its exfoliating properties & thus should be used only thrice a week. It cleared out the tiny bumps on my forehead which were not leaving me untill I started with double cleansing. Price: Rs 529 for 60g

Matcha Green tea cleansing balm variant is also a good choice for acne prone skins who suffer frequent breakouts. It works almost similar like propolis balm and can be used daily without any worries. The balms need to be stored in fridge in summers as they melt easily in high temperature. Price: Rs 549 for 60g.

Earth Rhythm Pumpkin Cleansing Jelly

Pumpkin Cleansing jelly is an enzyme based makeup remover which is rich in antioxidants to protect skin from oxidative stress. But its a wash off product after all & we only expect it to be a good cleanser. I didn’t like it because it leaves a residue behind and must be followed up with a highly foaming cleanser or extra amount of gentle foaming cleanser. Also, it fails to remove the water proof makeup as well. I didn’t find it suitable for oily acne prone skin as it leaves a oily film on skin. Its a MISS for me. Price: Rs 1190 for 60 g.

Earth Rhythm Matcha Moringa Cleansing Buff

Matcha moringa cleansing buff is made for sensitive acne prone dull skin & have goodness of antioxidants like green tea and moringa extract. Its a finely grinned powder of herbs, oats, nuts and clay. Its mildly foaming property is awesome due to the presence of baby foam which turns the powder cleanser into a very rich & velvety texture on contact with water. It works as a mild scrub to exfoliate skin. I observed that it takes out tiny dried whiteheads from my skin very well. All skin types can use it except people going through inflamed acne. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 549 for 50 g.

Earth Rhythm Shampoo bars

I have used 3 shampoo bars from earth rhythm and both are formulated to address different hair concerns. Earth Rhythm shampoo bars have biodegradable surfactant which lathers really well to clean the scalp build up without making hair feel sticky & greasy. If you are not into shampoo bars, then it might take around 1 month of time for your hair to completely adjust to them. Each shampoo bar lasts for atleast 3 months if you wash your hair twice a week. All their surfactant shampoo bars lather well without getting muddy.

Earth Rhythm Hemp Charcoal Shampoo bar for Hair Fall and Hair Regrowth

Hemp Charcoal shampoo bar is really good for people suffering from oily scalp & greasiness. It removes build up from scalp effectively & hair look very fluffy & voluminous post wash. It enhanced my hair natural color really well. My hair looked completely non oily & dandruff free too. My hair used to become oily on 3rd day but now I can live for 5 days with unwashed hair. The only issue is this shampoo bar lead to more frizzy hair so a conditioner is a must while using it. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 499 for 80 g.

Earth Rhythm Murumuru Butter Shampoo bar for Curly & Wavy Hair

Murumuru shampoo bar lathers really well and is extremely moisturizing for hair. Its an apt shampoo bar for people with dry scalp & rough hair strands. Post wash hair looks greasy a bit but the next day the hair looks fluffy & voluminous, so it balances the oil production in scalp. Hair felt less frizzy and more wavy for first 2 days. After that they became normal frizzy hair again (mostly my baby hair). I didn’t face much hair fall while washing & post washing. I absolutely loved using this shampoo bar & Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 449 for 80g

Earth Rhythm Baby Shampoo Bar

I finally found an ultimate shampoo bar for my baby which is eco-friendly and keeps her hair healthy too. Only few rubs on palm makes a really good lather & cleans my daughter hair really well. My daughter used to face itchiness in her hair but with earth rhythm baby shampoo bar her hair has become itch free. Her hair ends are no more rough now. Even in summers, if I wash her hair in 4 days, she don’t face any itchy hair. The only thing is the bar doesn’t contain any desensitizing agents, so it’s not a tear free formula.  You have to be careful while using it on your kids. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 459 for 80g

Earth Rhythm Solid conditioner Bar

Earth Rhythm solid conditioner bar is different from other creamy conditioners. I rub it along the length of my wet hair from top to bottom multiple times till I started feeling softness in my strands & keep it for 3 min before rinsing. The conditioner is hectic to use & not of much useful for very dry hair type. It helped me in smoothing my hair strands but didn’t help with friziness. Initially I found it good but over time I got bored of using it. Each time I had to spend an extra effort in rubbing the bar because the product don’t come out easily. So its a MISS for me. Price: Rs 539 for 80 g.

Earth Rhythm Pea protein Murumuru Hair butter

Earth Rhythm Pea protein Murumuru hair butter is nutritional enough to restore damaged & dry hair strands. I didn’t know that a hair butter can be so light in feel & texture wise. I use it as an overnight pre-poo treatment on scalp or I simply apply it along my damp hair strands post wash. Both ways it help in keeping my hair feel soft & less frizzy. It loved it more as a leave in conditioner because there are no dry hair ends the whole week & styling is much more easier. Its a HIT for me definitely. Price: Rs 569 for 100 g.

Earth Rhythm Neem, Moringa, Tea tree Hair serum

Earth rhythm hair serum is a water – oil based formula which hydrates as well as locks in moisture into hair. Its very light weight & can be used on damp scalp & hair post wash. I loved it using every alternate day on my hair to keep itchiness at bay. Though I don’t know if it helps in hair growth or not but it definitely prevents bacteria buildup & thus dandruff from scalp. Serum doesn’t provide much purpose before hair wash because it light in texture. I have an oily scalp & my hair didn’t gel oily after using it instead it makes them look fluffy. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 599 for 50 g.

Earth Rhythm Butter Cream Soap – Peach Melon

Butter cream soaps are just super luxurious & once you start using them, you gonna forget your body washes. These are so creamy & easy to spread with hands. Foams really easily on wet body even when you are not using a loofah (Lathers better with loofah). A little last for long as only a small amount of product is required to form lather. It’s not moisturizing on body but it doesn’t dry out the skin as well. I simply love love this cream soap and not gonna back to body washes again. I loved it on my sensitive body type & highly recommend it to you. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 500 for 100 g.

Earth Rhythm Propolis Face & Body Balm

Propolis face and body balm is a healing balm for infected & irritated areas of face and body. It looks like a gel texture but has high amount of oils, so its mainly suitable for very dry skin types. I really liked it using on my body on allergy prone areas & it moisturizes well. But I find it really heavy for my face. I used it on face when my skin was facing peeling due to dehydration & it helped in locking moisture into my skin & prevented peeling as well. But I guess a facial oil can also do this job well. The quantity of the product is quite less for everyday body use. So, its a MISS for me. Price: Rs 649 for 50 g.

Earth Rhythm Lip & Cheek Tint – Cherry

Earth Rhythm lip Cheek tint is ultimate nourishing & moisturizing tint which gives a dewy finish & natural tint to skin. I used the cherry shade which is exactly like a light red cherry color & looks really well on all skin tones. It makes my face look glowy & rosy. Its an oil based formula, so not suitable for oily skin summers. I used it in winters & totally loved it on my cheeks. It gives a slight natural tint to lips but goes away with a meal. Good for dry chapped lips and college going girls. Its a HIT for me. Price: Rs 499 for 5 g.

Earth rhythm is really a lovable brand which has wide variety of products for every skin type. I hope this post will help you in choosing some of the products from earth rhythm according to your skin and hair needs/concerns. I am excited to try more products from Earth rhythm in near future. Don’t forget to use my discount code: AVNI for 15% off while making a purchase from Earth rhythm.

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