Plum Green tea range
Plum Goodness green tea collection
About Plum Green tea range: It is specifically targeted for oily acne prone skin people as the ingredients present in it are the best suitable for this skin type. Common ingredients in plum green tea range:
1. Glycolic Acid: Its a best known AHA which works upon upper layer of skin by removing the dead skin cells which can otherwise clog pores & lead to dull skin. All plum green tea range contains less than 1% glycolic acid which is just amazing for beginners to start with acids in their skincare.
2. Green Tea extracts: Its an amazing anti-oxidant for sensitive acne prone skin because its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial & thus helps in preventing acne causing bacteria.
3. Added Fragrance & FDA approved Colors: All the green tea range has added fragrance with hints of green tea & color too which are safe to use as assured by the brand. The fragrance seems a bit strong for people who are not used to fragrance based products.
4. Apart from this, all the plum products are totally free of Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, SLS, DEA & PABA. Also its a Vegan and Cruelty free brand.

Here’s my experience around all the green tea products one by one in the order of their usage:

1. Plum Green tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash: 

Plum green tea face wash
Plum Green Tea Face Wash
Though its a SLS free face wash but it does have SLES (which is a less harmful derivative as compared to SLS). It has mild cellular beads (non-plastic) which are extremely soft & I feel like they doesn’t do anything to skin but just enhances the beauty of the gel like texture of the face wash. Less than a coin size amount is required to foam up the face wash in your hands and massage it on your face. I really like the fragrance but it creates a lot of foam which makes me think that it might strip the natural oils from my skin. It can be used as a standalone face wash as it removes the sunscreen and skin makeup really well. Also it is non irritating to eyes too but please avoid foam getting inside them. Takes away all the humidity out of the skin in summers. The quantity is really good & it would last you for more than 6 months.

Plum green tea face wash texture
Plum Green Tea Face Wash Texture
Price: Rs 345 for 75 ml

My verdict with face wash: Overall, I found it an average face wash which dries out my skin post wash & I immediately feel the need of a moisturizer even in summers. Though the brand claims that it doesn’t strip off the natural moisture from skin but I don’t agree to that which makes me to give it a rating of 3.8/5.

My recommendation: Good as a standalone face wash in summers for oily skin people but I won’t recommend it to people with sensitive skins as it dries out the skin and not to be used in winters at all.

2. Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask:

plum green tea face mask
Plum Green Tea Face Mask
Along with Glycolic Acid and Green tea extracts, this mask also contains Kaolin & Bentonite clay which are well known for absorbing impurities & excess oil from deep within to leave a fresh clear skin. Glycerine in it ensures to keep skin moisturized as well. All the ingredients compliment each other really well & helps in removing excess sebum and impurities from skin. The consistency of the mask is quite thick & pasty which makes it tough to glide on dry skin. So make sure you apply the mask on a wet skin for a smoother application. This mask tingled a lot every time I applied it which was quite irritating for me. Esp. post a physical exfo session, it tingles to another level which makes me to wash it off immediately. So I never use it post a scrub session. Though it standalone doesn’t dry out the skin much but if used post plum face wash your skin might feel very extremely dry. So to overcome such dryness I would suggest you to spray a mist/hydrosol while keeping the mask on ur skin. This will ensure that your skin is getting enough hydration. Also its a mild face mask which can be used thrice a week also to see the results. This mask will lasts you for 6 months.

Plum Green Tea Mask Texture

Price: Rs 490 for 60g
My Verdict and Recommendation: Overall, I liked the face mask more than face wash & reach to it whenever I get pimples on my skin. Though it doesn’t help much in drying out the acne alone but it really soothes the acne & prevent them from spreading further. Other than that it leaves a clear fresh skin with no humidity. I will give a rating of 4/5 to it and would recommend it to oily less acne prone skin people to be used in summers.
3. Plum Green tea toner: 

Plum Green tea toner
Plum Green Tea Toner

This used to be my most lovable toner as its the first toner I have included in my skincare regime. It is an alcohol free toner with glycerin in it & thus doesn’t dry out the skin & best for immediate moisturization as a first step in layering products. The only issue with it is its strong fragrance which I don’t feel is required in a toner. Just take out a coin sized amount on your palm from the nob of the bottle & splash it on your face. Let it air dry for few minutes & then apply another product over it. That’s the best way to use to see the results. The best part is this toner is wonderful for beginners and doesn’t break out the skin but I am not really sure of sensitive skins who are not used to fragrance products. It is of colorless watery consistency & very light weight on skin. It helps in drying out active pimples, soothes down the redness & irritation on skin. It can be used in both morning and evening post cleansing. It does temporarily minimizes the pores. It maintains the ph level of skin & can be used with actives. This bottle will fairly last you for 5-6 months & suitable for both summers & winters.

Plum Green Tea Toner
Price: Rs 390 for 200 ml
My Verdict and Recommendation: Though I used to love this toner earlier but now I dont like it due to the strong fragrance present in it. I have now moved to fragrance free toners & they are just too amazing like benton green tea toner. I too agree that it has made me comfortable in using toners & I couldn’t find a better toner for beginners to start with their skincare (if I leave fragrance part aside). My rating for this is 4/5 (wish it wouldn’t have added fragrance). I would recommend it to all normal to oily acne prone skin people who can bear fragrance based toners on their skin.
4. Plum Green tea Mattifying moisturizer: 

Plum green tea moisturizer
Plum Green Tea Moisturizer

So guys, I am not a lover of moisturizer in skincare & I mostly use moisturizing gels for my oily skin but this product has changed my verdict. This moisturizer proves that oil free moisturizer does exist for oily skin too in summers. Its such a light weight moisturizer & the pump packaging is so easy to use. Just 2 pumps are sufficient to cover entire face & neck. It leaves a matte non drying finish on face & the best lotion based moisturizer I have ever used in summers for my oily skin. Upon layering it up over a sticky serum on my skin, all the stickiness just went away & a smooth skin is just left behind. Also it helps in controlling oil secretion from skin for a good 3-4 hours. Isn’t it amazing. All my life I have only seen moisturizers making my skin more oily but this one is entirely different.

Yeah, It may not be that moisturizing for winters but in summers its the best moisturizer. It compliments the toner so well & prevent acne formation on skin due to glycolic acid & green tea present in it. It will fairly last for 2 months approx. if used twice a day.

Plum Green Tea Moisturizer Texture

Price: Rs 470 for 50ml

My Verdict & recommendation:  As already depicted from my expereince I really love love this moisturizer & I also use it by mixing my vit c serum in it cozz that way the serum won’t react and feel sticky on skin. I would give it a rating of 5/5 (given the fragrance factor which I didn’t do any harm to me till now).
I would highly recommend it to combination/oily skin types in summers. Not suitable for dry skin people at all.
5. Plum Green Tea Night gel: 

Plum green tea night gel
Plum Green Tea Night Gel

This gel is specially formulated to be used during night as it has some additional skin repair ingredients which are not present in the mattifying moisturizer. Along with green tea and glycolic acid, it contains aloe juice, aragn oil, Licorice extract, Goji Fruit & willow bark extract which helps in repairing of the skin during night time while keeping it nourished and soft. Its a water based gel & extremely light weight to be used on oily skin in summers. As far as healing of acne is concerned, its less effective than plum green tea toner cozz it has other ingredients too majorly for skin nourishment & hydration. A very tiny amount is required to be applied on complete face & neck. It takes a while to get absorb into skin but post that you skin won’t feel greasy & in morning you wake up with a healthy & plump skin. I have expereinced that. This gel is suitable to be used in both summers & winters given you might need a larger amount to apply on skin in winters. It will lasts for a good 2-3 months. Its a little heavier than mattifying moisturizer, so avoid applying it in the morning.

Plum Green Tea Gel texture

Price: Rs 575 for 50 ml

My Verdict & recommendation:  This gel works best during night routine as the last step in the skincare for a healthy & plump skin coz it majorly focuses on hydration. So its very good for a dull & dehydrated skin. I would give it a rating of 4.5/5 & would definitely recommend it to all combination/oily skin people.
6. Plum Green Tea Mist: 
Since I loved Plum green tea toner & it worked quite well for me, I immediately got the mist too as I was so eager of having it. Along with Glycolic & green tea, the mist all contains Aloe Juice, Ginger root extract, Goji berry & ginko biloba extracts, Castor oil also. So basically the mist is for the purpose of spraying it on the go whenever your skin feels irritated, dehydrated, dull or tired during the day (while the toner is supposed to be used only post cleansing during day & night). But given the ingredients list, I found this mist very complicated & it didn’t give me the desired results. I normally look for a simple mist with less ingredients to hydrate my skin & nothing else. This mist does hydrate the skin & cools it down but at the same time it makes my skin feel suffocated & sticky. Even during winters, I can feel the stickiness on my skin post using this mist. Also, it doesn’t help much in removing acne because I cant spray it every hour to see the results. For a mist to work, it should be suitable to spray every hour on skin & still your skin should feel oil free. Unfortunately, it didn’t do any of it. Also, the spray nozzle doesn’t spread water over whole face in a single go & you have to spray separately on different parts of face though it doesn’t irritate eyes which is a good part about it.
Price: Rs 360 for 100ml
My Verdict and Recommendation: I bought this mist with very high enthusiasm but unfortunately it didn’t work for my skin neither in summers nor in winters. I would give it a rating of 2/5 and wish plum would come up with a simplistic go to mist soon. I won’t recommend it to be used by anyone as a mist cozz of the high number of ingredients list. But yes, if dry skin people wanna use plum green tea range, then this mist should work for them as a toner & is non irritating at all.

My Final views and Recommendations on Plum Goodness Green tea range:

Overall, I really like plum green tea range specifically made for oily acne prone skin. It has changed my perspective about skincare & I really enjoy my skin caring session now. Though the prices of some products seem to be higher but you can get all these products at a good discounted price from either Amazon or Nykaa. Plum green tea kit also is the best option to try the plum products together to see the visible results. Since all of their products have less than 1% glycolic acid, so its safe to use them together & layering them one after another. Also, the standalone 1 product from plum may not show the results easily but if you use the complete kit together, then i promise you should definitely see results post 1 month. The biggest con of using this green tea range is its fragrance which becomes unbearable when you layer all the products together in a single routine. Some people won’t mind it but people with sensitive nose might feel headache as the smell lingers on after applying the product also. So you better dont purchase the complete kit if you are not used to strong fragrance products.
My favorite picks which I would highly recommend from the green tea range are: Mattifying Moisturizer & Night Gel. These are worthy if you dont mind fragrance & you will easily get them in plum green tea kit available on discounts on Amazon and Nykaa.

Important Note: All these products are free from essential oils which is a great thing because essential oils in your daily skin care could sensitize your skin in a longer run. So a big thumbs up for this range which is free from essential oils.
PS: I ensure you guys that I have used all the products by myself for more than 3-4 months and provided a completely honest review as per my skin type and conditions.
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