Qurez mattifying sunscreen SPF 50 PA++

If you are someone who is into skincare, you know how much important a sunscreen is above all the skincare products out there. Its even more important to find a suitable sunscreen which suits your skin type & provides good protection too. But untill you find a perfect one for yourself, hunt for a perfect sunscreen will keep going on.

Today I am reviewing Qurez mattifying sunscreen SPF 50 which I am using quite often these days and its kind of suiting me in this humid weather.

Price and Availability

Rs 450 and available on Amazon, Nykaa, Qurez official website (Discount code: AVNI).

Ingredients of Qurez sunscreen

Understanding Qurez sunscreen ingredients

UV filters used: It has both chemical filters ( Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate & ButylMethoxydibenzoylmethane & Benzophenone-3 ) and physical filters (Zinc Oxide & Titanium dioxide) and hence its a hybrid sunscreen. The combination of both ensures a more photo stable formula with a synergistic effect to protect the skin from direct UVA & UVB rays.

Has added anitoxidants: A sunscreen with good amount of antioxidants ensures the protection against free radicals. Qurez sunscreen contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, green tea which enhances the protection of skin.

Has skin soothing & smoothing ingredients: Ingredients like Capric Triglyceride, Aloe vera, Allantoin, Cetyl Alcohol and other fatty acids helps in preventing skin irritation & also locking in moisture into skin.

Oil free sunscreen: I really loved the fact that its an oil free sunscreen, thus have less risk of getting oxidized easily. Also, being an oil free product it has proven to be very user friendly in summers for oily skin.

The sunscreen is free from added fragrance which really impressed me. It has a natural scent which feels good and kind of avoidable.

My experience with Qurez sunscreen


I really loved the small handy tube packaging that has a small hole opening covered with a flip cap. The required amount of product can be taken easily on palm without any wastage. Its very travel friendly and all the details (usage, ingredients etc) are present on the tube itself.


The texture is of white color and looks like a creamy lotion. The lotion is not that runny and neither too thick , so consistency wise I really liked it. After application on skin, it absorbs easily and doesn’t feel heavy on skin.

How Qurez sunscreen works on skin?

How it feels on skin

I am an oily skin person and always look for mattifying non sticky sunscreens. Qurez sunscreen fulfilled my skin requirements very well. Its extremely mattifying & doesn’t give a dewy look at all. The face doesn’t feel oily or greasy post the application. In extreme humid weather, my T zone feels a little sweaty with it which is obvious enough with most of the sunscreens.

Application of sunscreen

Since its a mattifying formula, so it tends to settle down quickly. So you have to spread it quickly all over your face before it gets accumulated at one place. My oily skin didn’t feel the need of a moisturizer below it. However winters, I did feel it require a moisturizer. Due to quick settling, you don’t have to keep moving the sunscreen here & there over your face 🙂

Yes, it does leave a white cast on skin which takes 5 minutes of time to settle down completely. Though I don’t have a problem with white cast but its really annoying that it gets stuck into the eye brows hair & facial hair. The other major issue with the sunscreen is it balls up very easily while massaging on skin. So, make sure you are not over massaging the product.

Sunscreen irritation level

Apart from the above issues, I still loved this sunscreen because it didn’t irritate my skin and eyes at all. Any sunscreen can easily irritate my active acne skin but this one was a relief for me in that sense. It didn’t gave me any breakouts (Given that I always double cleanse if I apply sunscreen).

Application on Body

Its sad that I didn’t find it very suitable sunscreen for dry body type as it leaves a powdery finish on my dry body & tends to ball up very quickly. Above moisturizer it still works well but I usually look for moisturizing sunscreens for my dry body.

How it works with makeup?

If you are planning for a full face makeup post applying this sunscreen, then make sure you dab all your base makeup instead of massaging or rubbing it on skin otherwise all the base gonna ball up quickly. In such cases the sunscreen sits well under makeup & doesn’t give an oily feel. However, dry skin people might feel the need of a moisturizer under this sunscreen or a moisturizing foundation above the sunscreen.

Outdoor performance of Qurez sunscreen

I really loved wearing qurez sunscreen as my indoor every day sunscreen because its light weight, non greasy, mattifying and non irritating too. For outdoors it works well on skin as it feel very less sweaty and stays for longer period of time on skin due to its hybrid formula. But if you are planning to stay for the whole day outdoors in the scorching heat then better go for PA+++ or above sunscreen formula which ensures more UVA protection for longer hours.

How to use

Amount of sunscreen to be applied
Quantity of sunscreen for face and neck

After cleansing and moisturizing (optional), take a dollop amount or big coin size amount on palm and apply it all over face & neck in the form of dots. Massage in quickly avoiding brows and hair as much as possible. Cover your eyes as well with sunscreen (don’t worry it won’t irritate your eyes). Now take a brow brush and remove the sunscreen stuck in your eye brows. Follow up with compact if you feel sweating on any area.

Why Qurez sunscreen is a worthy buy?

  • Feels light weight on skin
  • Gives a matte & non greasy look
  • Non-irritating to skin and eyes
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin types
  • Doesn’t lead to breakouts
  • Settles down quickly on skin
  • Suitable to wear in extreme humid weather
  • Oil free formula
  • Hybrid formula with skin soothing antioxidants
  • No added fragrance

Why Qurez sunscreen is not a worthy buy?

  • Stucks in brows & facial hair
  • Leaves a white cast
  • Less moisturizing in dry weather
  • May not suit dry skin types
  • Balls up easily, so tough to blend

My recommendation

If you are tired of using almost all sunscreens in summer, then you must try out this sunscreen. It feels comfortable and non-irritating on sensitive skin while giving a matte finish to oily skin.

Though its not a perfect sunscreen because of its cons like white cast, getting stuck in facial hair & balling up. But these cons can still be handled well with proper precautions during application.

The hybrid formula ensures long hour protection without getting wear off. This would definitely be my go to sunscreen as its affordable yet effective one of the sunscreens available online.

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