reequil oil free mattifying moisturizer

Everyone is stressing upon using a moisturizer is really important even for oily skin people. But have you ever think of an oily skin person applying a moisturizer while he is already struggling with too much oil on his face esp. in humid weather. Having an oily skin type I can understand the pain of applying moisturizers which makes you feel more oily.

This is the reason I am always on the hunt of a good non greasy moisturizer which can be used even in humid weather without the fear of getting breakouts/acne. Today I am reviewing and sharing my views about reequil mattifying moisturizer which I used religiously in the humid summer season.

Price and Availability

Rs 440 for 50g and available on Amazon, Nykaa, Reequil website. Use code: AVNI for 15% off on Reequil website.

Ingredients in Reequil moisturizer

reequil oil free mattifying moisturizer ingredient list

Ingredients analysis

The reequil moisturizer has humectants high in ingredient list like Propanediol, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Saccharide Isomerate etc which are responsible for providing good amount of hydration to skin.

It also contains emollients like Cyclopentasiloxane, Caprylyl Methicone etc which are silicone based light weight moisturizers that give a smooth feel to skin.

The moisturizer is free from oils but contains added fragrance (which is not over powering at all).

My Experience with Reequil mattifying moisturizer


It comes in a opaque plastic cylindrical bottle having a pump on the top of it. The pump packaging is not only convenient to use but also only required amount of product comes out at a time.


Reequil mattifying moisturizer texture is non greasy gel like

The texture is thick transparent gel like which is not runny at all. It feels like semi liquid when applied. Its easy to spread on skin & absorbs quickly without giving a greasy feel.

Performance on skin

The moisturizer feels extremely comfortable on my oily skin even in humid summer weather. I just love that how it melts into my skin leaving a pure mattifying effect. I got used to this moisturizer so much that sometimes I just cleansed my face & put only this moisturizer on my skin. It also absorbs the stickiness left behind by the previous product on the skin. Isn’t it just amazing?

The moisturizer is balanced enough to hydrate and moisturize normal to oily skin. You won’t feel the need of an extra hydrating serum unless your skin is too much inflamed. I have used it regularly during my extreme active acne days & it didn’t break me out instead calm my skin. I could apply it on my eye area too without any irritation.

Pores Visibility? As per brand claims it not only helps in reducing appearance of pores but also controls oil production on skin. That’s why it is one of the best moisturizer to be used under makeup & in extreme humidity.

Can it be used with actives?

Well, the reequil moisturizer doesn’t have any kind of active ingredients like aha, bha or niacinamide. It has anti-inflammatory properties and provides balanced hydration and softness to the oily skin. That’s why it can be used with any kind of active based exfoliating serums/toners/treatment products. I used it with my adapalene routine (a medicated treatment retinoid) the whole summer & can’t be satisfied more with its outstanding performance on my skin.

How to use Reequil mattifying moisturizer

Post cleansing follow up with toner, serum and then take one pump of the reequil moisturizer & pat it on your face. Repeat if your skin needs more moisture. Use 1 more pump for covering neck as well. If you are in an air condition room or in winters, you might feel the need of sealing it in with some facial oil or a cream/lotion based moisturizer to avoid evaporation. For acne suffering skins, I would recommend not to use any extra product over it. It is suitable to use in both AM and PM routines.

Why you should buy Reequil mattifying moisturizer

  • Extreme Light weight gel based moisturizer
  • Provides both hydration & moisture to skin
  • Doesn’t not sit on skin but absorbs quickly
  • Gives a non greasy & non oily feel
  • Provides mattifying effect to skin
  • Suitable for sensitive acne prone skins
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Suitable to use with actives like AHA, BHA etc
  • Apt for extreme humid conditions
  • Oily skin friendly
  • Fungal acne safe
  • One bottle lasts for atleast 2 months

Why you should not buy Reequil mattifying moisturizer

  • Not suitable for dry skin types
  • Won’t provide sufficient moisture in winters

Do I recommend Reequil mattifying moisturizer?

Yes, yes, yes!!! I highly recommend the reequil mattifying moisturizer to my oily skin acne prone girls. The moisturizer provides a balanced hydration & moisture to oily skin girls who don’t like to wear heavy skincare products. It is one of my best purchases during humid weather & my skin was just thanking my money till the product lasts.