Best face wash In india

Neutregena pink grapefruit face wash

Neutregena pink grapefruit face wash is an exfoliating cleanser as it contains 2% salicylic acid for deep cleaning of pores. It gives a squeaky clean feel taking away every bit of dirt even sunscreen too. Yes, its slightly drying due to presence of bha and you will feel the need of moisturizer post wash. Best suitable for oily skin and can be incorporated daily in your night routine (given that u r not using any other actives & want a simple routine). Didn’t give me any breakouts on my sensitive skin. Price: Rs 650 for 175 ml. Available on Nykaa and Amazon.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub is a mild foaming scrub cleanser which doesn’t feel harsh on skin but takes away excess oil & dirt effectively. The scrub particles feel gentle & do not strip moisture from skin. It can be used by all skin types as a daily face wash to get rid of dead skin cells. Can be used as a standalone cleanser. Though it doesn’t help in removing blackheads from skin as claimed by the brand. Price: Rs 330 for 100 g. Available on Nykaa and Amazon.

Eclat Skin brightening Face wash

Eclat face wash is a cream based foaming cleanser which feels non drying, non irritating and hydrating on skin. It also worked well during my extreme acne days in the sense that it didn’t aggravated my existing skin condition.There are very few face washes which cleans well without drying out the skin and this is one of them. The face wash contains ingredients like glutathione, kojic acid, niacinamide, liquorice extract which helps in addressing pigmentation & dark spots on skin for a brighter looking skin. Its suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Price: Rs 450 for 100 ml. Discount code: AVNI20 for 20% off on Eclat website.

Earth Rhythm Exfoliating Face Cleanser with AHAs & BHAs

Earth Rhythm AHA/BHA cleanser is a water based non foaming gentle exfoliating face wash which contains AHA derived from natural fruit acids and mild % of salicylic acid to unclog pores without drying the skin. The face wash doesn’t foam, so can be used as a mask for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Thus it prevents pore clog & give bright smooth skin. It should be used as a 2nd cleanser. As its non foaming, so its best suitable for dry sensitive skin type as it doesn’t strip moisture from skin. Price: Rs 699 for 100 g. Discount code: AVNI on EarthRhythm.

Eclat Acne Edit face wash

Eclat acne edit is formulated for skin prone to congestion & clogged pores. It is rich in Zinc PCA and salicylic acid along with various plant based extracts which exfoliate the dead skin cells & control sebum production on skin. The foaming face wash works as a standalone cleanser without much dryness on skin. Though you need to follow up with a moisturizer due to presence of BHA in face wash. It is best suitable for oily skin and use it in night routine followup with a moisturizer. Price: Rs 475 for 100 ml. Discount code: AVNI20 for 20% off on Eclat website.

Dr. Sheth’s ABC Cica Cleansing Gel

Dr sheth ABC cleansing gel is an exfoliating face wash which contains 5% AHA and mild % salicylic to take away dead skin cells & prevent congestion on skin. Its a foaming cleanser which is suitable for oily sensitive skin as it contains centella asiatica to soothe red irritated skin. Overall the cleanser works really well in summers for oily skin for mild exfoliation in daily routine. Price: Rs 499 for 50 ml. Discount code: AVNI for 20% off on Vanitywagon.

Simple Daily Skin Detox Purifying Facial Wash

Simple detox facial wash is especially formulated for oily acne prone sensitive skins who can’t use salicylic acid based cleansers due to their drying nature. The face wash is rich in plant based exfoliating extracts like thyme, witch hazel which have astringent properties to prevent pore clogging on acne prone skin. It is suitable to be used in night routine as a standalone cleanser without drying the skin & effective in taking away sunscreen as well. Price: 375 for 150 ml. Available on Nykaa.

Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

Sebamed clear face cleansing foam is formulated with minimal ingredients and provides a gentle cleansing to acne prone skin. It can be used by all skin types as its a non drying cleanser and works effectively as a 2nd cleanse. The cleanser removes excess sebum from oily skin preventing development of bacteria & thus acne. It can be used daily twice a day as it is free from actives. Price: Rs 322 for 50 ml. Available on Amazon and Nykaa.

Bioderma sebium cleansing mousse

Bioderma Cleanser is a foaming face wash suitable for oily skin people. It is gentle as it contains plant based extracts instead of bha to gently exfoliate & remove dead skin cells. Its a soap free formula which cleanse well without being harsh on sensitive skin. Price: Rs 375 for 45 ml. Available on amazon and nykaa.

Pure Bubbles Niacinamide & Zinc PCA Face wash

Pure bubbles niacinamide & zinc face wash cleanse the skin while keeping the skin barrier intact. Its really good for people who are facing compromised skin barrier & dull skin. The face wash gives a gentle foam and cleanses well as a 2nd step cleanser in night time. It can be used as a morning cleanser as well. It works well for all types of acne prone skin because it prevents bacterial build up on skin & gives a hydrated feel. Price: Rs 890 for 100 ml. Discount code: AVNI10 on purebubbles.