Treat – Natural Luxurious Skincare – Scrub, Mask and Moisturizer Review

Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare – Scrub, Mask and Moisturizer

About Brand: 
Treat as a brand which believes in treating its customers with simplicity. This brand believes in creating simple uncomplicated products by using fewer essential ingredients which helps in making a easier skincare routine. Their collection is cruelty free, sustainable, harvested with social consiousness in mind.
Products: Currently, they have launched 3 products:
1. Rose Jelly Face Scrub
2. Iced Rose Mask
3. Rose & Jasmine Moisturizer

Textures of all three products
The brand kindly sent me these products to try and share my honest opinion only. What I liked is there was no enforcement of writing positive amazon reviews and the brand truly believes in its product authenticity which is highly appreciable.
I have used all these products for a good 2 months & now is the good time to share my views on these.

Rose Jelly Face Scrub

Rose Jelly Face Scrub

This face scrub is specifically made to exfoliate dead skin cells, polishes skin to perfection, brightens the face and gives a fresh breath to the skin. Its mainly made up of Honey, Rose water, Aloe Vera and Walnut shells(in the form of scrub particles) along with cinammon oil, added preservatives and fragrances. All the ingredients are extremely wonderful for skin repairing & nourishment while walnut shells help in good exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and speed up the cell renewal process.

My Experience: I really liked the gel like texture of the scrub and fine scrub particles in it. The scrub is not too thick neither too runny and can be massaged effortlessly on skin. The scrub particles are not at all harsh & helps in gentle physical exfoliation which is gr8 for people having tiny acne bumps. The aloe vera and honey in the scrub keeps skin moisturized & after washing it off, you skin doesn’t feel dry at all but glowy and plumped. The most important thing I like in it is that it is not a complicated scrub with too many oils and butters. Its a ready made scrub with basic skin friendly ingredients to nourish your lifeless skin. This scrub is suitable to be used twice daily.

Price: Its available on discounts on amazon for Rs 600 & you can use my code GARIMA20 for additonal 20% off (I am not getting anything with this code & its just for my followers). So final discounted price would be Rs 480 only which really justifies the quality of the product.

My Recommendation: I would highly recommend this scrub to all skin types (except highly acne prone skin as physical scrubbing may not be good for them) as its gentle and not at all drying on skin. I may not recommend it to extremely sensitive skins because of the added fragrance & preservatives present in it. Overall I would give it a rating of 4.5/5.

Iced Rose Mask (The cooling brightening Mask)

Iced Rose Face Mask

The mask is a cooling formula which claims to absorb impurities, purifies, gently exfoliate, tighten pores, calm the skin and effectively balance all complexions resulting in skin that is supple with a more youthful look. The major ingredients in it are Kaolin & bentonite clay, Pink Clay, Sandalwood Extract, Green tea extract, Vitamin E and Rosehip oil along with Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Argan Oil, Menthol, Lactic Acid, Gotu Kola Extract, Rose water & added preservatives & fragrances. All these ingredients are really potent for a healthy looking skin. Clays helps in absorbing excess oil, plant extracts provides anti-oxidants to skin for repairing while lactic acid and vitamin c helps in addressing pigmentation and scars issues. Zinc Oxide & titanium dioxide controls sun damage.

My Experience: I really liked the smooth flowy texture of the mask & the pink color. The mask glides on very smoothy & is not at all tingling on skin. Instead, it provides a cooling sensation as if you have put ice on your face. It is extremely good mask for treating a sun burnt irritated dull tired skin because all the ingredients in it just helps in skin repairing & revitalizes it. I can really feel a smooth glowy look on my skin with all the humidity & tiredness gone. Its an extremely good mask for people with normal to oily acne prone skin as it is free from butters and excess oils & just focuses on nourishing the skin with essential ingredients. The mask helps in calming down redness & irritation on skin due to excess acne & leaves a clean & cool skin. Though I am impressed with the mask but I still feel it contains a lot of ingredients & also I don’t think UV protectors in a mask would actually help in reducing sun damage (I feel sun damage can only be reduced by actually leaving UV protectors on your face in the form of sunscreen & not washing them off).

Price: Its available on discounts on amazon for Rs 600 & you can use my code GARIMA20 for additonal 20% off, so final discounted price would be Rs 480 only which actually justifies the quality of the product.

My Recommendation: No matter what, I really loved the mask because of its cooling property & calming properties. I would highly recommend it to all normal to oily acne prone skin beauties but may not to sensitive skins as it has added preservatives and fragrances. My rating for this is 4.5/5

Rose & Jasmine Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Rose and Jasmine Moisturizer

Its a light weight, non – greasy gel based cream which claims to retain moisture, strengthens & tones the skin giving a radiant appearance. It is enriched in  Green tea, Gotu Kola Extract, Ginseng Extract, Licorice Extract & Mulberry Extract along with Jasmine extract, Rose water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Alcohol & added fragrance & preservatives. Again, all the plant based ingredients has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to nourish the skin. The anti-oxidant properties of green tea and Mulberry helps in reversing signs of ageing & a healthier looking skin. HA in it retains the moisture while benzyl alcohol ensures the moisturizer doesn’t feel sticky on skin.

My Experience: If I see moisturizer from a end customer view point, then I really liked its gel texture, smoothness & non-greasy feel on the skin. I have observed a radiant appearance on my skin & the mild fragrance of roses just lifts up the mood. The moisturizer is non – sticky & can be used in both summers and humid weather by all skin types as it provides a very good hydration to skin. The only thing I wonder about is the factor of alcohol in it which I really don’t like to put on my face. Apart from that added preservatives & fragrances in a moisturizer which gonna stay for whole day on your skin could sensitize the skin. Also, I didn’t feel this moisturizer helps in controlling excess oil on your skin in humidity. Though I really love the fact that the brand has mentioned all the ingredient details on packaging & is transparent to its customers. I haven’t seen any breakout or bad skin conditions with it & is safe to use on acne prone skin too. It may not be suitable to be used in winters for dry skin people.

Price:  Its for Rs 520 on Amazon after discount and after further 20% discount on using my code (GARIMA20), you can avail it at Rs 420 for 50ml which lasts for long.

My Recommendation: I am not that highly impressed with this moisturizer & feels like there are many others present in the market which does the same work on your skin. But if you are someone who is using commercial brands biotique, ponds, Himalaya, then you must try out this moisturizer because its way far better than those highly marketed commercial creams & moisturizers. I would give it a rating of 3.8/5

My Overall Conclusion:  The brand really stay by its words & believe in transparency with its customers which it has proved by revealing the complete ingredient list which goes into their products on the packaging itself (which most of the Indian commercial brands & startups don’t do at all). At least it helps customers in doing their own research about the ingredients and then choose the product as per their skin type.
For me, this brand is a thumbs up and I highly recommend to use their Rose Jelly scrub and Iced rose mask which is worthy of all the love. You can buy these products from Amazon & use code ‘GARIMA20’ for extra 20% off.

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