About Pure Bubbles Skincare brand

Pure Bubbles Skincare is an indian home grown brand whose products are available on their official website & have some really effective results as compared to other drug store brands. The brand reveals the complete ingredient list & believe in making skincare/haircare products suitable for different skin types & concerns.

A little about my skin

I am an oily acne prone skin person and keep facing sensitivities with change in weather conditions & during periods too. When I started with blogging, my skin was in a good state. Unfortunately, I tried some products containing essential oils which didn’t suit me and I lost my skin texture & brightness. The congestion on my skin just reached its peak & no active (AHA/BHA) was working. The skin barrier got effected badly. That’s how the life of a blogger I guess.

About Pure Bubbles Overnight Resurfacing Serum

This resurfacing serum is an AHA based serum which is designed in such a way that it doesn’t irritate the skin but has same effectiveness in improving the bumpy texture of skin as any other conventional AHA. Thanks to its formulation which is done using lameller gel system.

What is a lameller gel technology?

AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) is known for renewing skin surface & providing a brighten skin. But the strong stripping action of AHA dries out the skin and triggers inflammation, sometimes even burns and cannot be used on all skins or without precautions.

Lameller gel is a new technology which is designed to diffuse AHAs in a progressive and controlled way into the skin. This helps in equal exfoliation of skin as other old AHA’s but without any irritation on skin. It consists of a bio material with cocktail of AHAs (15% glycolic, 7% lactic and 6% citric acids ) absorbed onto it.

You can simply think of bio-material as a strand of sponges which has absorbed the cocktail of different types of AHAs. These AHAs are released into skin slowly & steadily while bio material forms a layer on skin which locks the ingredients into the skin to make them work longer and better. 

Ingredients of Pure bubbles resurfacing serum

Distilled Water, Glycolic acid & Lactic acid & Sodium Magnesium Silicate & Citric acid & xanthum gum, Fructooligosaccrides, Beta Vulgaris Extract, Phagmites Karka Extract, Poria Cocos Extract, Propylene Glycol, De hydroxanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Triethylene Glycol

Complete ingredient list in mentioned on packaging

Price and Availability

Rs 890 for 30ml. Available on Pure Bubbles Skincare official website.

What Pure Bubbles Resurfacing serum claims?

As its name says, this serum claims to provide a brighter glowing skin with an improved skin texture after 4 weeks of constant use. It also claims to reduce acne scars, pigmentation, whiteheads & blackheads with constant use.

My experience with Pure bubbles Resurfacing serum


The serum comes in a blue color opaque glass bottle which has a convenient dropper for easy application. The required amount of serum can be taken from dropper for easy application.

Packaging is user friendly


I just simply love the utmost light weight gel texture of the serum which sinks into skin like a dream. Its completely non-greasy, just like a water gel & feels like you havent applied anything on skin even in humid weather conditions.

Light weight texture

Tolerance on skin

Hello all Sensitive skin types!!! This is for you. Tolerance level is just unbelievable & it doesn’t irritate at all. It feels like you are applying any other normal serum. Can you believe an active based serum behaving like this? Nope. But now you can rely on applying this resurfacing serum under eye area, on active acne, acne wounds, inflamed areas etc etc. It just don’t irritate at all & sinks without leaving behind any redness.

The only con is that it does dries out the skin on application. You have to follow up with a moisturizer after some time.

Skin Effectiveness

The more I speak about its effectiveness the less it is. The serum just came as a ray of hope when I was suffering from my extremely bad skin days & no active was suiting me due to my damaged skin barrier. After using this serum consistently for 2 weeks in my night time, I could see the tiny inflamed bumps on my skin started settling down a little.

Pure bubbles resurfacing serum gives less purging

Some of the tiny bumps purged to form cystic acne while some just disappeared. By the end of 3rd week, my husband complemented me that my skin is looking better than before & the dullness has reduced (I was dying to hear those words). As the serum claimed to show results in 4 weeks, it just did it. By the end of 4th week, my skin congestion almost healed with less bumps present on the skin now.

I kept using this serum for another month too & observed that I got less acne during my periods this time. My recent acne scars lightened & skin glow came back completely.

Pure bubbles resurfacing reduces congestion on skin

By the start of 3rd month, I felt like the serum has stopped working and reached a saturation. I started using it in the morning time before my Pure bubbles vitamin C serum & it went well. Though I didn’t observe any further changes on my skin.

Overall this serum proved to be just awesome in healing the tiny whiteheads & bumps on my skin. It didn’t help in lightening dark acne scars though but definitely brightened up my dull skin. You have to be patient with its results. People with good skin may not see much visible results with it but it definitely renew the skin of all damaged skin people.


Hurray!!! Its free from any kind of fragrance as well. It doesn’t have so called natural fragrance too because its free from essential oils. I just love the brand for not adding EO to it. Because you know what


Skin Types

The pure bubbles resurfacing serum will suit all skin types including sensitive skin & acne prone skin people. Its the best AHA based serum for beginners to start with chemical exfoliation. Its suitable for people suffering from fungal acne issues because it helps in preventing the fungal acne too.

How to use Pure bubbles resurfacing serum

So let me surprise you by saying that it is supposed to be used daily to see the effective results. Yes, I know its an AHA based serum but not like the conventional ones. Its different because of its lameller gel formula & should be used daily to make it work for your skin.

Usage instructions on packaging

At night, post cleansing, toning (optional), just apply 3-4 drops of serum from dropper and pat it into the skin. If you are a beginner, you can layer it immediately with a moisturizer upon drying for the first week to be on a safer side from any reaction. If everything goes fine, then you should wait for 30 min and follow up with a moisturizer. Follow up with a sunscreen next morning.

If you are a skin expert and already use other actives in your routine at night, you can also use it in your AM routine. Its a gentle AHA formula which doesn’t make skin sensitive as all the actives are locked inside lameller gel bio-material. Wait for 5 minutes and follow up with a Vitamin C serum (optional) & sunscreen (mandatory).

If you are a beginner, I would recommend not to use any other concentrated active (AHA/BHA/Retinol) serum/ampoule in the same routine. If you are a skin expert, you know better on how to use it with other actives:). I have used it as a standalone product for initial 2 months because I have very sensitive skin.

What happened when I stopped using Pure bubbles Resurfacing serum

As I mentioned earlier the serum helped in reducing congestion on my skin & brought the glow back upon daily use. But after using it continuously for more than 2 months, my skin condition became saturated & I was facing acne but in less frequency.

After 1.5 months I was using it with retinol(once a week) & everything was working fine till the time Covid lockdown arrived & I finished this serum. Fungal acne & worst purging started appearing on my skin due to the reaction with one anti ageing moisturizer. I then learnt that this serum was actually helping in maintaining the texture of my skin in a constant manner. It is this time when I am writing this blog and missing the serum alot. I am gonna repurchase it forever and ever once this COVID lock down ends.

Side Effects of Pure bubbles resurfacing serum

Giving a big Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This active based serum has no side effects and can be used as a standalone product on skin without mixing it with any other moisturizer or serum. Its suitable for girls who want to use any actives in their early 20’s. Its a gentle AHA based serum but still please use sunscreen during day time.


  • Light weight non-greasy texture
  • Suitable for all skins including sensitive skin types
  • Helps in reducing congestion on skin
  • Helps in preventing fungal acne
  • Does not require buffering/mixing with moisturizers
  • Very less purging
  • Lightens recent acne scars
  • Brightens the dull skin
  • Prevents hormonal acne on skin
  • Does not irritate active acne & wounds
  • Reduces whiteheads & improves skin texture
  • Essential oil & fragrance free


  • Takes time of 3-4 weeks to show results
  • Dries out the skin
  • Doesn’t completely remove acne from skin (that’s over expectation)
  • Won’t help with stubborn or old acne scars

My recommendation

I faced too much trouble with my skin when I started with actives but the resurfacing serum from pure bubbles skincare just became a forever friend of my sensitive skin. It is really a trustworthy formula for beginners to start with AHA based serums. This is one serum I would highly recommend to all sensitive skin people suffering from acne issues, dullness and bad skin texture. Just get it and thank me later.

If you have any questions, leave them in comments section for me to answer them all.

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