GlamAroma Rose & Lavendar Herb infused Intimate Wash

About Brand: 

Glamaroma is a natural skincare & haircare brand ran by a Certified Aromatherapist & Cosmetologist. Its skin, hair and body care range is made with best quality chemical and paraben free ingredients. Also, the products are handmade with love and made in small batches to provide the goodness of mother nature in its true form to its customers.

Glamaroma Rose Lavendar Intimate Wash

About Glamaroma intimate wash & Its claims

The Glamaroma Rose & Lavender Intimidate wash is Formulated with gentle and natural ingredients like Lavender helps Balance and maintain your pH level while also protecting the Intimate area. Enriched with ingredients like Eucalyptus & tea tree that also help keep the nether region cleaner, prevent infections and also keeps the nether region & underarms fresher by controlling sweat! Its an SLS/SLES & paraben free product.

Price: Rs 399 for 60 ml. Available on Glamaroma official website:

Active Ingredients: Rose Extract, Lavendar Extract, Tea tree Extracts, Basil Extracts & Glycerine.

**Full ingredient list is not mentioned on the packaging & on website


It comes in a transparent plastic foaming bottle with a pump which can be pressed & released easily. I really like the packaging because its travel friendly and there is no chance of product leakage.

Glamaroma intimate wash texture


The product is of pink color & in watery form inside the bottle but when you press the bottle’s pump to take it out, it comes out in the form of an artificial foam which is extremely smooth & light in weight.

My Experience:

  • I really liked the way light weight foam comes out of the pump as its very easy to massage it on your intimate area without causing any irritation.
  • It has a mild natural herbal fragrance which is not overpowering at all.
  • I find this intimate wash suitable to be used twice a day also during summers as it doesn’t have any chemicals & free from SLS/SLES too.
  • The intimate wash does help in preventing bad odor through out the day even during menses.
  • It helps in preventing itching during menses or while extreme sweat conditions, thus maintains the PH of the intimate area
  • The effect of intimate wash lasts for a day only & the next day you might feel uneasy in your intimate area if you haven’t taken a bath or haven’t cleaned your intimate area.
  • Once I got a vaginal boil which lasted me for a week but this intimate wash being chemical free worked really well and didn’t cause any irritation or further infection.
  • Its suitable for people suffering from vaginal allergies as its mild foam cleanses delicately.
  • I tried it few times in my underarms but I didn’t find it sweat proof as such. In summers, it wont help with bad order in underarms.
  • A little goes for very very long.
  • I find it suitable for teenage girls too.

How to Use:

Take 2 pumps of the foam in your hands and massage well on your intimate area. Clean with warm water and pat dry. Stay fresh all day.


  • Very light weight texture
  • SLS/SLES free so suitable for allergy prone intimate area
  • Maintains Ph level of intimate area
  • Automatic foaming capability
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Prevents bad odor & itching
  • Prevents infections
  • A little goes for long
  • Travel friendly packaging


  • Complete ingredient list not mentioned 
  • Doesn’t prevent bad odor in underarms as per claims.

My final verdict & recommendation:

I have used V wash and C&D intimate washes before & I really didnt like the way they used to foam due to SLES present in them. Also, while using them everyday I kept feeling itchy while gyming and during menses. But after using the GlamAroma Rose & Lavendar SLS free intimate wash, all my worries are gone & I really loved the way it cleanses our most sensitive body part vagina with such delicacy. I would highly highly recommend it to all the girls & mature ladies to include it in their daily hygiene.

Precautions while intimate washing

  • Wash your intimate area using intimate wash atleast once a day & max twice a day but not more than that otherwise it might cause irritation.
  • Avoid using hard water & soaps which might harm the protective film coating the vaginal walls.
  • Pat dry after washing is very important.
  • Apply a soothing product post wash & avoid any antiseptics
  • Always wash intimate area with your hands

What are your favourite intimate washes which are free from chemicals? Do let me know in comments section.