Anti Acne Series

Greenie mill niacinamide serum (5%)


Why serum?

Serums are the most effective products to treat the problematic skin & as they are made with higher concentrations of active ingredients & stay for a much longer time on skin (than face washes, scrubs, mask & toners)
It’s always very tough to choose a suitable serum as per your skin type coz serums comes in higher concentration & chances of their reaction on skin are higher. Oily skin types look for a serum which is non oily & absorb well while acne prone skin looks for Anti-acne ingredients in a serum.
The tea tree & niacinamide serum from @greenie_mill has all of this which made me to choose it immediately.

.Expereicne with Greenie mill Tea tree & niacinamide serum:


Made with tea tree distillate, aloe leaf juice, rose & geranium distillate, 5% niacinamide, hyaluronic acid 5%, green tea and licorice extract & Ecocert approved preservatives

My experience

🌿It’s a water based serum and feels light on skin
🌿It’s glides in easily into skin and sinks immediately without feeling chip chip at all
🌿It doesn’t irritate skin at all & gentle on acnes also
🌿I can feel that my acne got dry down faster & helped in even out my skin tone
🌿It has no added fragrance too

Effects yet to see:

🍂My acne scars got a little lighter but not that much. I have to keep using it to see the results. Also I use it with pure bubbles gel moisturizer (which I review separately), so that my skin doesn’t react up & adapts to niacinamide slowly. That’s y it will definitely take time to show results.

How to use:

Post cleansing & Toning, add 2-3 drops of serum in gel moisturizer and apply it all over face & neck ( for beginners). If u are used to using actives, then u can tap 3-4 drops directly on to skin. Also, don’t use it in same routine if u use any other active(like aha/bha/vitc or retinol) cozz feeding too much can cause skin suffocation too.
Priced at Rs740 for 30ml but I bought it on 30% off from their website. They keep having sales.
My recommendation: Suitable for all acne prone dry to oily skin types, I would highly recommend it.
Happy skincaring!!!!!