Anti acne Series

PART3 –> Tonning

Tonning has been so important to balance the skin pH level and to calm & soothes the irritated & stressed skin
My preference for a good toner: I always prefer toners which are total watery & light weight cozz I have an oily skin & my skin needs tonning every time I feel excess oil on my face
For acne prone skin, I mostly prefer to use anti – bacterial & anti-inflammatory toners which can actually help in preventing bacteria & heal down the active acnes or bumps on irritated skin by calming them
So after seeing the ingredients list of @greenie_mill tea tree & sage face mist, I immediately bought it cozz tea tree hydrosol has antibacterial & antiseptic properties & Clary sage hydrosol act as a natural astringent to reduce oiliness & preventing further acne
My actual experience:
☘️The toner is non-tingling and doesn’t irritate eyes as well. I can keep my eyes open & spray it
☘️My skin can actually feel the calmness post using it
☘️After using it regularly for 1.5 months in my night routine, I can definitely say its one of the best toner for sensitive acne prone skin
☘️The itching on my acne got immediately reduced post using it
☘️It’s a simple water mixture of tea tree & sage hydrosol & thus extremely light in weight
☘️No added fragrance
☘️The spray pump is nice & distribute water equally all over face. Minimum 4 pumps required.

❌Cons – Nothing

What not to expect: 

Just don’t expect that only this standalone toner will remove your acne. For treating acne, you need complete Anti-acne routine & this toner fits in really well to calm down ur acne & prevent itching & further acne


My recommendation: 

Don’t think twice & just buy it. You can get it from @greenie_mill official website for Rs400. I got it for 30% off . Check their IG page

Disclaimer: If you have hormonal & genetic acne & your face is full of pimples then consult dermatologists


Happy tonning!!!😊😊😊