Tips to start with your anti-acne skin care routine

Hey guys,

So I am done with my anti-acne series and I have shared some products along with their ingredients which has helped me in treating sudden break outs on my skin because of using actives & change in weather.

But I don’t want you to get super inspired up with these products (esp. young minds) and get all of them in a single go because young skins are un-mature & their skin can’t just digest all this stuff. Also, that’s not gonna work at all.

So, please go through below key points before you start with your anti-acne routine:

1. Though its not mandatory to use the same products which I have tried because every skin works differently but the main focus should be to always look for ingredients with anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can calm down acne & kill the acne causing bacteria.

2. You need not to follow these complete 4-5 steps skincare routine daily. You need to understand that minimalism is the key & your skin needs time to get adjusted to products. So, always start with one product at a time.

3. In order to start with anti-acne routine, 2 most important steps are cleansing & toning. You can use any anti-acne mild cleanser & a anti-bacterial toner. For this refer PART 1  & PART 3 of my anti-acne series. Follow this routine for 15 days & see the difference. Your acne should definitely dry down.

4. Now, once you are used to 2 steps routine, try incorporating a mask which is soothing, butter free & a little drying too twice a week post cleansing. Refer PART 2 of my anti-acne series. Follow this routine for 15 days.

5. Your skin should be by now adjusted to anti-acne products & now you can think of switching to a light weight gel moisturizer post cleansing & toning. Refer PART 6 of the series & follow this routine for 1 month. This will become your complete CTM routine.

6. If by any chance you feel, that your skin is acting up with incorporation of some product, then wait for few days & use it alternatively to let your skin adjust to it. If it reacts badly then stop using it.

7. Now, comes the time to prevent acne & not just heal them (though I am never able to succeed in this & keep getting pimples with weather changes but I really wanna share how I am trying), you can now include an anti-acne serum or active based product (toner/serum) in your skincare routine.
Just start with mixing 2 drops in gel moisturizer & follow it twice a week only. Refer PART 4 & PART 5 of my series for details. But both parts shouldn’t be followed together.

8. Whenever, you start with any active based product like aha/bha/niacinamide, always start with lower concentrations & try using natural occurring fruit acids AHA products (Eg: tomatoes, oranges, lemon, sugarcane, yogurt, buttermilk etc).

9. For chemical based actives start with 0.5% Salicyclic acid, 5% Lactic acid/Glycolic acid, 5% Niacinamide initially for 3 months at least. Its good to start with active based face cleansers & mask before switching directly to toners/serums. (Only for skins above 28 yrs)

10. Now, if you start getting break out, then never ever follow the complete CTM routine. Just cleansing & toning with a mild active based toner unless the acne gets dry down.

11. Its always better to follow the acids containing routine during night only as it is more convenient & you don’t have to put sunscreen at night.

12. Remember, lesser the products, faster the acne gonna dry down on your skin. But cleansing & exfoliation is very important to remove dead skin cells & balance oil production.

13. Toning is the best method to dry down your acne, If you stay at home, then keep using anti-acne mist/toner every hour to keep your skin oil free & calm without using anything else. You can really see your acne shedding in next 48 hours.

Hope you won’t get mislead by seeing a lot of products in the market & on bloggers page (even on my page too).

Its my interest to try different products & share the reviews with audience but at the same time its not necessary that you have to buy that product. Just see if your skin really needs it or not.

I am seeing a lot of young skins using actives these days which I think is totally worthless because their skin itself is very capable of shedding dead skin cells & they just need a normal CTM routine & a  healthy diet to keep their skin healthy.

If you feed too much to your stomach, your stomach acts up, same happens with your skin too

Most Important: 

Drink lots of water in a day to remove all the toxins from your body which is the actual cause of bacteria on your skin.

Do ask me in comments section if you need any recommendations of products to be used.
Happy Skincare!!!