Vitamin C serum has become everyone’s favorite skincare product due to its skin brightening & illuminating properties. It helps in dealing with dull, pigmented & sun damaged skin. But not every vitamin C product provides the desired results & some are just a part of marketing gamble. Today I am reviewing Minimalist Vitamin C serum & how it worked for my skin. Read on to find out if it really deserves to grab a place in your skincare vanity.

Minimalist Vitamin C serum claims

  • A glow-boosting daily serum packaged with the goodness of Vitamin C that brightens and tones sun damaged and dull skin with dark spots.
  • Made with stabilized Vitamin C derivative “Ethly Ascorbic Acid” that has 86% pure Vitamin C content. That is much higher than 40-50% content present in other Vitamin C derivatives. At a pH ~ 4.0 it is highly stable and effective
  • Made in Centella water to soothe & hydrate skin. Also contains 1% Acetyl Glucosamine (AG), an amino-monosaccharide (simple sugar) and a precursor of hyaluronic acid, that provides skin moisturization, boosts natural Hyaluronic Acid synthesis, and regulates natural exfoliation

Price & Availability

Rs 699 for 30 ml. Available on Amazon, Nykaa and Minimalist website.

Minimalist Vitamin C serum Ingredients

Centella Asiatica Leaf Water, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Ethoxydiglycol, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Glycerin, Sodium Gluconate, Acetyl Glucosamine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pullulan, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lecithin, Lactic Acid

Ingredients Analysis

  • Contains 10% stable vitamin C derivative i.e ethyl ascorbic acid that has high amount of vit c content.
  • Includes 1% N- Acetyl glucoamine which is a skin identical ingredient & hydrates the skin to promote healing.
  • Used centella water as a base which is an antioxidant to fight environmental aggressors & reduces irritation capability of vitamin C.
  • Solvents like Ethoxydiglycol, Dimethyl Isosorbide boosts vitamin C penetration into skin for faster results.
  • Fragrance free, Oil free and alcohol free

My Experience with Minimalist Vitamin C serum

Best Vitamin C serum


It comes in a dropper glass bottle coated with black film to prevent the serum from oxidizing. The dropper is easy to use and dispenses only the required amount at a time.

Minimalist Vitamin C serum light texture


Minimalist Vitamin C serum texture is of transparent medium liquid consistency which feels very light on skin. The texture spreads easily and takes no time to absorb into skin. It does leave a stickiness behind which goes away post applying a non greasy moisturizer.

Performance on my skin

I totally loved using minimalist vitamin C formula as it feels hydrating & gave no irritation to my skin. I didn’t get any purging from it (given I am used to vit C) which means the formula is highly stable. Since it feels soothing on skin , so it is suitable for beginners as well. My skin usually glow on these days but adding this to my routine only further improved it. I didn’t face any dullness at all. It is capable of working upon uneven skin tone & slight acne marks. Expect results on marks/pigmentation after a continuous usage of 6-7 months.

How to Use Vitamin C serum?

As a Beginner:

Start using it in night routine on alternate days follow up with a moisturizer for 2 weeks. If everything goes well, switch to using it in AM routine under sunscreen. Give a 5 min gap between serum & sunscreen. You can mix it with your moisturizer as well if you have sensitive skin to prevent purging. Avoid using other strong actives in same routine. Apply the serum on dry skin to prevent any first time irritation.

As a mediocre or expert:

Post Cleansing, Toning, use it daily in AM routine under your sunscreen/moisturizer. Let the serum completely absorbed before applying sunscreen. Apply the serum on damp skin for maximum absorption.

Pro-Tip: Apply an antioxidant rich & Niacinamide based moisturizer/sunscreen with the Vitamin C serum to increase its efficacy.

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Why you should buy Minimalist Vitamin C serum?

  • A stable vit C formula which didn’t oxidize at all.
  • Good for beginners because it has anti irritants to combat risk of irritation from vit c.
  • Water based gel formula, so good for all skin types including acne prone skin.
  • Texture is very light & sinks beautifully into skin.
  • Effective in addressing uneven skin tone & give a bright looking skin.
  • Works well under sunscreen without giving any purging.
  • Fragrance free, Oil free formula

Why you should not buy Minimalist Vitamin C serum?

  • If you are already using a higher % vitamin C serum then you can skip it.
  • Contains a slight sticky feel which could be problematic in humid weather. But a non greasy moisturizer/sunscreen curbs it easily.
  • If you are suffering from high amount of inflamed acne i.e cystic acne, pustules etc better skip using it because I don’t recommend vitamin C on such skin conditions.

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Overall I absolutely loved using Minimalist Vitamin C serum and found it suitable for sensitive skin as well. The serum is light weight & didn’t cause any irritation on my sensitve skin. Its best paired with niacinamide, antioxidants and ceramide rich moisturizers to increase its efficacy. The serum works on brightening skin and reducing acne marks as well. It helps in providing even skin tone with less visible blemishes in a longer run.

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