Best suitable face oil for oily skin

I have always been very skeptic about facial oils due to my super oily skin. The “Rainbow glow oil” from Disguise Cosmetics has changed my perception about facial oils and now I am no more afraid of applying oil to my face.

About Disguise Rainbow Glow Oil

  1. This oil is packed with all the super 7 carrier oils for skin i.e grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, marula oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and apricot oil along with pomegranate extract which act as a skin barrier & reduces premature ageing.
  2. This combination of oil contains goodness of fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamins A,D,E & C and antioxidants. All these address most common problems of skin like pigmentation, dark circles, acne, dehydration, dullness, inflammation etc
  3. The oil is free from essential oils & any kind of fragrance, thus making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
Disguise rainbow glow oil color is transparent & light
Disguise Rainbow Glow oil texture is very light

My experience with Disguise Rainbow Glow OIl

  • Its really a non greasy, non comedogenic and very light weight oil which makes my skin feel soft & smooth.
  • Only 2 drops are sufficient to lock in hydration and plump up the skin.
  • Using it regularly day & night, helped me in strengthening my skin barrier & protecting it against environmental damage.
  • It really hides my open pores and makes my skin ready for applying sunscreen/makeup.
  • This oil is just too suitable for all seasons. I mean it absorbs in seconds even in summers.
  • Helps in calming down the acne irritated skin or post actives (AHA/BHA) irritated skin.
  • At night I mix a drop of rainbow oil with my moisturizer which works really well in providing the extra nourishment to skin.
  • A drop of rainbow oil mixed with Lipstick works as a nice creamy blusher. This also prevents makeup from looking cakey.
  • Works really well as a lip primer before applying matte lipstick and the lips doesn’t feel dry all day. The best part is it gets absorbed easily & lipsticks wont bleed at all.
  • I also use 4 drops of it as a hair serum and it just provides the softness & shine to my hair without making them oily
  • I used it as a make up remover by massaging 5-6 drops on my face and then wiping it off with micellar water.
  • The best part about the oil is it just neutralizes the stickiness of a moisturizer or eye cream if topped over them as the last step.
  • I used it as a nail salve too to revive my dull nails up.

How to use Disguise Rainbow Glow Oil

  • As a moisturizer: Take 2 drops in the palms & rub your hands against each other to warm the oil up and pat it into the skin as the last step of skincare. Suitable to be used in both AM & PM routine.
  • As a hair serum: Divide hair in 2 parts. Take 2 – 3 drops of oil and massage between palms & apply along the hair length focusing tips. Repeat for the 2nd set of hair. The hair feels less frizzy & looks shinier too.
A facial oil which sinks into skin immediately
Disguise rainbow glow oil

Wrong Expectations with Disguise Rainbow Glow oil

As a blogger, I feel its my responsibility to define the product expectations and not to go overboard with them. A facial oil is used to provide extra nourishment to skin & prevents it from drying out. It locks in everything & thus increases the efficacy of the other products applied before it. Disguise rainbow glow oil does it all except

  • Healing acne on your skin
  • Addressing acne scars or acne jits on the skin
  • Improving existing wrinkles or fine lines on your skin though it works in preventing them

I think its totally unfair to expect above results from it because being a oil it can’t penetrate deep into skin to address such issues.

My recommendation

Yes yes yes!!! I just can’t count on benefits it has given to me in my daily skincare. Be it any weather, I don’t have any complaints against it (given I have an oily skin type). This glow oil is worth of everything considering the benefits and results it provides at such a pocket friendly price of Rs 700 for 30ml ( discounts available too). You can get it from Amazon, Nykaa, vanitywagon or Disguise cosmetics official website.
A little goes a long way and it gonna last you for at least 4 months. I think I will repurchase it forever and ever.

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