Myoho (PureByPriyanka) Vitamin C serum – REVIEW

Myoho” by ‘Pure By Priyankais a natural skin & hair care brand that is packed with uncomplicated yet high performing natural & organic ingredients. This brand makes their products with plant derived ingredients which help every skin type and skin concern. It believes in easy-to-use products that work towards making your skin look naturally glowing and lit-from-within. Their every formula is made by hand in small batches at a facility in Delhi. 

Myoho Vitamin C serum

About Myoho Vitamin C serum:

The Myoho Vitamin C serum is made up of 15% Vitamin C which has 2 derivates:

  • 5% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: Its a stable form of vitamin C that is considered an analogue of L-ascorbic acid. Unlike pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is lipid (fat) soluble.
  • 10% L ascorbic acid): Pure Vitamin C is known as L-Ascorbic Acid. Its products penetrate the skin tissue and are more active in collagen production. This, in turn, increases firmness in the skin. L-Ascorbic Acid is a rejuvenating vitamin ingredient that also plays a part in the reduction of photo-damage caused by harmful UVB rays. Because L-Ascorbic Acid plays a major role in anti-aging treatments, skin firmness, overall repair and brightening, it also serves to rejuvenate the skin.
  • A part from this the serum is also enriched in organic ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, jojoba oil, green tea, Geranium Essential Oil, Hyaluronic acid, Gotu Kola & Rose extract which are some really good skin friendly ingredients that work towards a problem free skin.

The serum claims to promote a brighter, even complexion, reduce fine lines. dark spots and other signs of ageing. It also claims to protect your skin against sun damage & smoothen the texture of your skin.

Price: It retails for Rs 795 for 30ml and can be purchased from official website. The quantity is quite good and will lasts 3 months.

My Experience with Myoho Vitamin C serum

1. Packaging: It comes in a black glass bottle with a dropper which is very easy to use. The dropper is totally intact with the bottle and there are no chances of spill over while travelling too.

2. Texture:  Its a gel based serum which has a thick texture & can be applied directly onto face using the dropper without letting the serum falling from cheeks. I am not sure why the

gel has high number of tiny bubbles. The gel is a little heavy & feels sticky on skin with 2-3 drops only. It made my oily skin feel more oily in summers due to which I couldn’t use it during humid weather. But in winters, I was able to use it well as my skin drank up all the stickiness due to dryness.

3. Tolerance:  With 15% vitamin C in it, this serum is a very potent serum which should not be used with any kind of actives like AHA/BHA/retinol or Niacinamide. In fact I would say to use no other potent active/acids or masks with it in the same routine. It is good enough to be used in either morning or evening skin care routines (but once a day only). But double layering of sunscreen over it is really important in the morning as Vitamin C protects from sun damage only when it is layered under a sunscreen. Since it is a high concentration serum, so it could sensitize your skin if proper sunscreen is not used over it in the morning. In night routine, it should be followed up by a hydrating moisturizer to seal it in.

4. Skin Effectiveness: After using this serum continuously for 1 month, I can observe the darker areas around my lips getting lighter. Also, the combination of vitamin C and HA in it works really well, bcoz any moisturizer or oil applied above it gets quickly absorbed leaving a non greasy skin (though in summers my oily skin did feel greasier after its usage). It really enhances the glow on my face whenever I used it under the Sunscreen and my forehead/cheeks looked much brighter & tight which I have never experienced before. I didn’t observe much change in lightening of black acne scars (but anyhow scars takes their own time to diminish. You can’t just expect any product to make them completely invisible).

Precautions/Side Effects: 

  1. If you are a beginner in skincare & never used any Vitamin C serum, than this is not for you. You should probably start with a lower concentration of Vitamin C (5% – 10%) first and then switch to it. 
  2. Though it compliments the sunscreen but it has the tendency of sensitizing the skin which could lead to acne breaks out too. So I won’t recommend to use it if you are going in direct sunlight.
  3. Since its a higher concentration of Vitamin C serum, so it should not be used directly on skin for initial stages. Instead it should be mixed in a gel based light moisturizer and to be applied on skin so that the actives present in it doesn’t react to your sensitive skin. Post 1 month usage & after seeing how your skin is behaving with it, you can switch to direct layering it on your skin under moisturizer.
  4. Since L ascorbic acid has a lower pH, its unsuitable for people with rosacea and sensitive skin conditions because it could cause skin irritation.

How to use:

In initial stages: Post cleansing and applying toners, serums, Mix 2-3 drops of it in a moisturizer and tap it on your skin. Followed up by a sunscreen if used in morning.
For experts Or Later stages: Post cleansing and tonning, apply 2-3 drops each on forehead and cheeks using dropper, massage it a little and then gently tap it into skin with fingers. Follow up by a moisturizer to seal it in. Don’t forget to layer sunscreen over it if used in morning.


1. Helps in reducing pigmentation (not genetic)
2. Makes skin look brighter and tight
3. Lasts for a long time
4. Doesn’t give breakouts (to people used to vitamin C serum)
5. Can be used in morning under sunscreen


1. Texture is sticky
2. Not suitable for oily skin in summers
3. Doesn’t help with dark & stubborn acne scars
4. Doesn’t prevent acne on skin
5. Possibility of break outs (for beginners)

6. Not suitable for extremely sensitive and problematic skins
7. Presence of Essential Oil (which could have side effects over time)

My Verdict and Recommendation:

Overall, its a very potent vitamin C serum which is amazing to be used in winters by people who are already used to lesser concentrations of Vitamin C serum. It does helps in reducing pigmentation and fine lines on skin if used continuously everyday. I didn’t like this serum to be used in summers due to its sticky texture and heaviness felt on my oily skin. I would recommend it to people who are used to Vitamin C serums and doesn’t have a problematic acne prone skin. I won’t recommend it to be used in summers and humid weather for oily to normal skin people.