From Left- AromaEssentials charcoal soap, Pure bubbles Black out mask, Greenie mill tea tree hydrosol, Suganda BHA serum, Raw beauty margarita gel, Greenie mill niacinamide, Pure bubbles de grease gel

My motivation

I want to share with you all some products which i have been using from last 2 months in my skincare routine & how they helped me with my acne prone skin.
I will be doing a series on all these products with my detailed review but before that i want to clear some myths which have spoiled the skincare industry.

Myths & their reality

❌Just apply anti-acne products & you will see a change in ur stubborn whiteheads/blackheads and too many active pimples- ✅But in actual you need to see a dermatologists for their curation.
❌These anti acne products just keep pimples at bay & lightens dark spots – ✅if you have acne prone skin, u can’t really keep acne at bay & dark spots gets faded automatically with time.
❌You need to keep washing ur face with anti acne face wash to keep your face oil free – ✅You can actually keep ur face oil free by using hydrating mists only.
❌Only pore clogging is the reason behind acne bumps- ✅sometimes too much exfoliation also leads to sensitive skin & ultimately a bad skin texture
❌Non hydrating masks are not good for skin – they should be used occasionally to deal with acne prone skin
❌I will get to see the results with in a week/The product is a waste cozz it gave me more pimples – ✅Anti acne products show results over time (2-3 months atleast) when used in a minimal way & they might break u out initially which is a clearing process. If you don’t have that patience, its better to see a dermatologists to get immediate results
❌I have to keep using actives for removing dead skin cells – ✅Those who don’t have any acne problem & already have gifted glowy skin, don’t just carried away with the bloggers post. Get a life & just follow a normal CTM routine.
Yes I still have tiny acne acne bumps & i still get 1 or 2 pimple occasionally on my skin (of which i have no solution till now).

But do remember the best way of curing acne and keep a glowing skin is

To drink loads of water a day
Avoid Junk & oily food
Eat vegetables with less spice.
So guys, this is the bitter truth against all myths and do share if you have any contradicting opinion, I would love to hear.