Nykaa Ultra Matte Lipstick – 13 Victoria 

Price: Rs 599 (Some shades are avaible on discounts too)


The packaging is just ultimate as it comes in a rectangle box with a magnetic closure. There is no chance of lipstick breakage or any kind of mess in the makeup kit. Overall I really liked the packaging.


The texture is just like pure matte and not at all creamy. Its a very drying formula and once applied just stick to the lips unless you remove them with a wet cloth. I really find the texture very drying.


Since its a matte lipstick, the pigmentation is really really good. Its kind of a light nude pink color and suitable for light to medium skin tones. Pigmentation even pops up if applied with a lip pencil.


Its a medium weight formula (netiher too light nor too heavy) & just applying a single layer only gives a really good pigmented color.
The application on lips is not that smooth though & double layering this color on darker lips could be messy. To overcome this drawback, I usually apply a light lip balm/lip serum on my lips followed by the matte lipstick.
This way the application becomes really smooth & easy.

Staying power: 

The staying power is really good to around 6-7 hours with drinking and eating. The only issue is it doesnt fade evenly and you can see cracks on your lips post 3-4 hours.
It leaves a layer on lips while fading and reapplication also makes lips uncomfortable. With lip balm as a pre application with it, it stays for 3-4 hours and becomes higly transferrable.


Very mild little fragrance, so very suitable for sensitive nose types too.

My final thoughts:


Nice nude pink color
Gorgeous matte finish with no shine
Highly pigmented
Settles down in no time
Almost transfer proof
Good Staying power
Cute packaging
Good shades range


Formula is too drying
Needs pressure while applying
Reapplication not good
Leaves cracks in lips
Sticks to lips and make them chapped
Overly priced

My recommendation: 

Honestly, I am not a lover of drying matte lipsticks. I would prefer reapplying lipsticks instead of getting my lips suffer due to long staying power.
But if you are a fan of super matte highly pigmented lipsticks then you gonna love it.

Please leave your questions in comment section and I would be happy to address them.