Pure Bubbles Black out Face Mask

Anti Acne – PART 2 –> MASKING

Masking has been so important to dry up the active acne and also for some exfoliation to remove the dirt from pores and acne causing bacteria.

What to avoid?

The foremost thing I look in a acne drying mask is it should not contain extraordinary butters and oils as they won’t help in drying up the acne & just only helps you with hydration and pigmentation issues.

I got this black out face mask from @purebubblessoapery after checking the ingredients list on bhavna (the brand owner) recommendation. Though i wasn’t having much hopes with it after 1-2 uses but this mask started showing its effect after few more uses.
This is the reason I am writing this review after 2 months of using this mask.


Activated bamboo charcoal, tea tree hydrosol, lavendar hydrosol, geranium essential oil, extracts of basil, calendula & chamomile, olive leaf extract, moroccan green clay, hyaluronic acid,
triethylene glycol & phenoxyethanol.

Ingredients Benefits

1. Activated Bamboo charcoal: It act as a peel off to remove dead skin cell because it has good absorption property which helps in removing toxin and dirt from the skin.
2. Tea tree Hydrosol – The hydrosol is made by steam distilling of tea tree leaves. Tea tree is well known for its anti-bacterial properties which kills the acne causing bacteria and prevent pimples from reoccuring.
3. Lavendar hydrosol – It deals with skin irritation and inflammation & best works when combined with tea tree to treat acne causing bacteria
4. Geranium oil is best to heal the wounds, burns, relaxes mood & reduce inflammation. It helps in healing the acne wounds and relaxing the irritation.
5. Basil, Calendula, Olive & chamomile – These has good anti-oxidant and soothing properties to treat acne infected skin.
6. Moroccan green clay: It helps in absorbing negative particles like bacteria, viruses & toxins along with excess sebum which ultimately helps in cleaning pores from deep within to give a clear skin.
7. Hyaluronic acid: Its best known for absorbing hydration and retaining it into the skin so that your skin won’t feel deprive of natural moisture.

Texture of Black out face mask

My experience:
1. This mask has a gel like texture and its not creamy at all. It spreads unevenly on skin due to its gel consistency (which is nothing to worry about).
2. The mask is a drying mask and the skin feels tight immediately after 2-3 minutes. So, I spray tea tree mist on my skin once it gets dried to let it keep for some more time.
3. It do cause a little tingling for 1 minute which is a part of detoxification process.
4. The frangrance is good & mild which only felt while applying the mask. So good for sensitive nose people.
5. This mask do gave me a little purging after 1-2 uses which is a part of acne treatment where the skin exhales impurities from deep within. So don’t panic at all.
After few more uses, I started observing my acne & little whiteheads getting drying out the next morning of using the mask.
6. I can feel my skin as clean and clear but it does make the skin loose its moisture (which is the property of an anti-acne mask) & thats why an immediate hydration is important post removing it off.
7. This mask has become my ultimate goto as it doesn’t make my skin sensitive (bcoz it don’t have any actives), and I use this mask as a acne spot mask also to dry my acne at the faster pace.

The only Con: This gel mask sticks to your skin and you can’t take it off easily by only washing with water. Instead, you should use a wet face sponge or towel to remove it gently & easily.
Its not a con for me exactly coz I have the habit of removing the mask using wet sponge but may be for others who directly wash their face post masking.

How to use: Apply all over clean face and neck. Spary some mist post 2 minutes and leave for another 5 minutes. Remove it off using wet sponge/towel & wash your face. Follow up with lot of hydration & probably with anti-acne toner/serum/moisturizer.
Use it every alternate day for good results.

My recommendation: I will strongly recommend this mask to all oily skin people suffering from minor/tiny acne issues but not to people having too much of acne as dermatologists can only help them out.

What not to expect?

Since mask stays on skin for a shorter duration, so don’t expect that only mask can make your skin acne clear. It just helps in purifying the impurities/excess sebum from skin thus drying out the active acne. 

It has to be followed up with some anti-acne toner/serum & moisturizer which stays for a longer time on skin to show their results and prevent further acne effectively.
Priced at Rs415 for 50gms, this mask is available on www.purebubblesskincare.com official website.
Please let me know your skin concerns or any queries and I would be happy to reply all of them.


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