Anti Acne Series

PART 6 –> MOISTURIZING with Gel Moisturizer

How to choose:
Its always a good idea to keep your skin away from creams and sleeping mask (or in short heavy moisturizers) when you have an acne prone oily skin.
Oily skin always demand for balanced hydration (& not overly hydrated skin which leads to suffocation).
I always look upto gel based moisturizers for my skin which donot have butters & excess oils (as these tend to make skin suffocated in summers/monsoon).
Also, the products which gonna stay for a longer time on skin have to be choosen by analyzing the ingredients list properly.
@Pure_bubbles_soapery De Grease face gel is one such product which came across my eyes during monsoons & saved my skin from humidity & suffocation.

Pure bubbles De grease gel


It is enriched with some key ingredients like Witch hazel, Aloe vera, Tea tree hydrosol, Lavendar Hydrosol, Calendula, Chamomile, Extracts of basil & skin friendly preservatives. All these ingredients are non irritating and really suits my acne prone oily skin & thus I immediately bought this gel.

My experience:

💚It act as a standalone moisturizer to my oily skin & just 2 pumps of it makes my skin hydrated.

💚While using it standalone for 1 week, my skin didnt break out further & my acne were starting drying up during monsoons.

💚It doesnt feel heavy on skin & leaves no stickiness (chipchipahat).

💚Applying products to oily skin leads to sweating in summers but this moisturizer is sweat proof. I can work in the kitchen post applying it. 😀

💚It sinks immediately into skin my just tapping & you dont have to be massage too much.

💚It has no added fragrance to it, so suitable for sensitive skin types too (if they are not allergic to any of these ingredients).

💚Since it itself has no actives, It can be mixed with any aha/bha/vit C for buffering. I usually used to mix it with my greenie mill niacinamide serum (review shared in earlier acne series post) during night.

💚Remember, actives should always be mixed with light weight moisturizers so that they can penetrate into skin properly without causing any side effects to unmature & beginners skin. This gel really worked well for buffering.

💚I also had less visible pores during its usage, coz it balances the oil production which is the main reason of visible pores.

💚I still have tiny acne bumps on my cheeks but since I already finished it off, I have to buy it again to check if it helps with that too. As of now, I cant really comment.

💚This one bottle lasted me for a good 2 months & whenever I faced any acne, I just applied this gel with suganda bha serum & sometime standalone in am/pm routine to dry my acne up. It really worked that way.
Post cleansing & toning, either mix 1 pump of it with some active/serum OR  use it as a standalone moisturizer by taking 2 pumps and tap onto the skin. Reapply every 4 hours if possible or only in am/pm routine.
My recommendation: 
I will definitely recommend it to all oily skin acne prone beauties to use it as a standalone moisturizer & to acne prone dry skin beauties to use it as a toner before moisturizer.
This way you can definitely observe your cystic acnes drying up at a good pace. But remember, patience is the key. Donot expect any immediate results.
Priced at Rs 490 for 50ml, its available on official website
Disclaimer: This product will only help people who face occasional acne breakouts on skin. For severe acne affected skin, please consult a dermatologists.
Happy Skincare!!!!