Anti acne series

Suganda BHA serum for chemical exfoliation

PART 4 –> Chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation is in trend these days & there are a lot of products available with different concentrations of actives in the market
I too get carried away and also bought @suganda bha serum which has 2% salicylic acid with gotu kola & green tea (minimal ingredients)  – isn’t it cool?
But the most important thing is the way of using actives. This is the first aha/bha based serum I have used & after using it for more than 3 months, I can now actually help u guys on the ways/precautions of using it. It has given me a lot of ups & downs to my skin & I just hated using this product in my skincare initially coz it made my skin sensitive & gave me a lot of breakouts. But now I am quite satisfied with it’s usage. Let’s see how to use it.


💫Never apply active directly on your skin instead always mix it with a gel and then apply it. Like I use d to mix it with rawbeauty margarita gel & now moolit highvibe aloe gel.
💫Apply it as a 3rd step i.e post toning & a hydrating light moisturizer.
💫Start using it with twice a week only & then after 15 days move to thrice a week. But don’t use daily otherwise ur skin becomes sensitive & looks dull.
💫Always use in the night time & apply a lot of sunscreen in the morning to prevent skin sensitivity
💫While using as a acne spot oil, use it as a last step in skincare
💫Start with only 2 drops initially and then gradually move to 3 drops but not more than that.
💫Don’t use it on days u r doing physical exfoliation
💫Always follow up with a good moisturizer to prevent skin sensitivity. I use propolis sleeping mask.
💫Don’t use multiple actives together like aha/bha/vitc/niacinamide/retinol etc
By following all above steps, I guarantee you won’t get breakouts and able to include actives in ur skincare

Experience with Suganda BHA serum:

Suganda BHA serum color
After following all above steps, here is my experience with it:
💫It is a good exfoliant & pH of the product is skin friendly, so doesn’t sting the skin
💫It helps in drying out the active acne & tiny bumps
💫It works well as a acne spot oil to dry out the cystic acne
💫I have oily skin & it has never made me feel dry, instead a little sticky which disappears after a while
❌Didn’t help in preventing further acne on skin
❌Didn’t help in reducing acne scars
❌Should not be applied on wounded acne
❌Increases skin sensitivity
My recommendation: 
🦋Since actives require a lot of precautions & patience, so I won’t really recommend it to people not already using it.
🦋Instead beginners should go for actives which stay for less time on skin like aha/bha based face washes/cleansers/masks as they do their work & also doesn’t make skin sensitive. 
🦋I would recommend to go for natural occuring aha/bha serum as they work upon skin gently.
🦋If you are someone who already using aha/bha in ur skincare then u should must try out this serum as I have nothing against it
PS: People with large number of cystic acne , should consult dermatologists before using AHA/BHA
I hope this posts helps you all & I would be happy to answer any queries u have in comments section👇