Best sunscreens in India

Sunscreen is extremely important for a healthy skin & to prevent various skin issues like pigmentation, skin cancer, pre-mature ageing, dullness & acne breakouts. But can everyone wear it? Well, no one likes to wear sunscreen because of their unfriendly texture, heaviness, white cast & greasy nature. And when its a humid weather, it becomes way more tougher for oily skin to wear sunscreen. What about breakouts? Acne prone skin girls have this fear of pores getting clogged due to sunscreen. Right? Worry not! I have brought to you Top 5 sunscreens for acne prone oily skin which have been tried by me & worked amazingly for my skin in hot & humid weather.

Here’s a list of the sunscreens which have worked well for my acne prone oily skin in summers. Hope this will help you guys as well.

IPCA Acne-UV Oil Free Gel ,SPF 30 PA+++ 

Its a hybrid sweat resistant sunscreen which contains new generation chemical UV filters & TiO2 as a physical filter. It gives a mattifying non greasy feel which lasts for 4-5 hours on skin (if you are not sweating heavily). Neither I faced any acne breakouts while using this sunscreen nor it caused me any irritation on my existing acne. Its a safe sunscreen for pregnant & breastfeeding mothers as well. Its one of my top favorite sunscreen for oily skin in summers. Gives no white cast too. Recommended by dermatologists as well. Price : Rs 798 for 60 g. Buy from Amazon Or medical stores.

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Reequil Sheer Zinc Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

Its a physical sunscreen with 25% zinc oxide as the only UV filter. The sunscreen has a tint which prevents the white cast unlike other physical sunscreens. The tint is best suitable for medium to dusky skin tones. Since it only contains mineral UV filter, pregnant & breastfeeding mom, sensitive and acne prone skin can use it safely on a daily basis. It gives a mattifying finish which makes it best suitable for oily/combo skin. Its lightweight and takes 5 minutes to settle down on skin but lasts for 3-4 hours. Price: Rs 795 for 50 g. Discount code: AVNI for 20% off on vanitywagon and reequil website.

Cipla Rivela Lite Sunscreen Spf 50 PA++++ Weightless Mousse

Rivela sunscreen is a hybrid sunscreen which has new generation chemical UV filters and TiO2 as physical filter. The sunscreen has a light tint which makes it suitable for fair to medium skin tones. Its very light & mattifying like other sunscreens mentioned above & settles down on skin in no time. I find it suitable for acne prone oily skin as it has a non greasy texture & non irritating too. It lasts for 3-4 hours on skin. Since it contains oxybenzone in lower ingredient list, so its not preferable for pregnant & breastfeeding moms. Many dermatologists recommend this sunscreen. Price: Rs 970 for 60 g. Available on Amazon and medical stores/pharmacies.

Re’equill Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 PA++++

Its a hybrid sunscreen which has new generation photo stable chemical UV filters and both physical filters as well i.e. zinc oxide and TiO2. Such high end UV filters ensures a water-resistant high end protection even in extreme sunny weather. The sunscreen has a smooth feel on skin & leave very slight white cast which goes away in 5 min. Its pure mattifying & non greasy which lasts for at least 5-6 hours on skin (if you settle it up with a powder/compact). Being an oil free formula, its suitable for acne prone skin too without any irritation. Its a safe sunscreen for pregnant & breastfeeding moms. The only con is it doesn’t absorb easily as it forms a layer on skin. Price: Rs 695 for 50 g & Rs 350 for 20 g. Discount code: AVNI for 20% off on vanitywagon and reequil website. Available on Amazon & Nykaa too.

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Ekran Soft Spf 50+ PA+++ Silicone Sunscreen Gel

Its another potent sunscreen formula which contains both new generation chemical UV filters and physical (Zinc & TiO2) filters making it an effective sunscreen formula. It also has a smooth silicony feel on skin which gives mattifying finish without much white cast. The sunscreen is suitable to wear outdoors & lasts for 4-5 hours easily. Its not at all irritating on eyes and acne prone skin. Its a dermatologists recommended sunscreen. Price: Rs 600 for 50 g. Available on Amazon and medical stores/pharmacies.

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Important points to make sunscreen work for you.

  • Always apply a dollop amount / 1/3rd spoon of sunscreen on face & neck to get maximum protection on a sunny day.
  • Cover up your sunscreen with a loose powder (preferable) or compact to make it lasts long & prevent sweating.
  • Cover your face with a opaque cloth to increase sunscreen durability & to prevent tanning.
  • Double cleanse at night either using an oil based cleanser or a water based cleanser twice to get rid of sunscreen. This will prevent pore clogging & hence breakouts.
  • Reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours (no matter its efficacy) if you sweat heavily or after swimming or on a holiday on a sunny day.
  • If you are acne prone, wash your face after coming home & then reappply sunscreen if its still daytime.

Hope you find this post useful and now you won’t skip the sunscreen due to your oily skin behavior instead you will make it work for you. Right? Follow me on instagram @thespokenreviewer for insightful product reviews.

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